Recent SO Birkin in FSH (personalisation)

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  1. did any of you managed to place ostrichs? i was refused so many times for 3 SAs saying its impossible..i was quite bummed!
  2. refused. what size are you looking for? I guess smaller size is easier.
  3. Ostriches are harder to place than croco... Especially bright colours. That is why the premium on them are like 100% plus on the resale market and even that is hard to get.

    They do turn up quite often in the US as ostrich are favored by the eastern clients and not so much by westerners.
  4. I was refused a 35 cm CDC, and ordered Fjord instead, but I really prefer the Chevre. Does anyone know if it will be offered in 35 soon (as in, maybe I should cancel my order)?
  5. i also tried to order fjord but was refused. Heard that fjord is not offered in the current season.
  6. i want an ostrich in 30 in fuschia or violine..they told me try again feb march 2011...i hope i am able to place it then..

    for now waiting for ms chevre 30 to make its way to me!:smile:
  7. OP, this is based on my recent SO experience, I hope this helps you figure out what you want! :smile:

    1. I was allowed to place whichever combination I wanted. I know some customers were only allowed to place the pre-defined versions. It varies within different stores around the world.

    2. I was also allowed to choose beyond the list. Again, some customers were only permitted to choose certain colors from the list.

    3. Box, Chevre, and Barenia, Togo, Clemence, Swift, Tadelakt were all available.

    4. There were 6 types of hardware. All can be ordered.

    5. Contrast piping and stitching: I was able to choose for both.