Recent "recon" at NYC botique?

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    I will be in NYC for a long weekend starting tomorrow and cant wait to visit the H. store. I have zero expectation of stumbling across a birkin ( within my specs). But I plan to go in open minded and inspired by all of the recent threads celebrating the Kelly, Evelyne, clutches... well just anything! I hope to be wowed by something completely unexpected!
    How is inventory currently? Any predominant leather colors? I must confess that a "little blue jean" in just about any form could already have my name on it!
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Lots of green, red, and orange on the floor. Mostly in swift. Some mysore and chamonix. They seem to be pushing this leather quite a bit. All the neutrals they keep in the back room. Lots of Evelynes, Kellys are abundant, some Bolides, occasionally a Birkin on the floor. But again, those Birkins have usually been colors like green, red, and orange.
  3. ^^ Yes, the last few times I have been in, there have been vert anis Birkins on the floor. The last time there was also a 32 cm ebene HAC just sitting around...
  4. HG & Rose, you are so lucky to be close to the boutique. Now that I live in the hinterland, it is one of the many things I miss about living so close to NYC....
  5. Yummy NY bound ladies are quite lucky.
  6. Thanks for the info ladies!
  7. Many Kellys -- a red one that's been sitting there for a while, a retourne etoupe ( think it's etoupe) with white stitching in the window (don't know if it's gone now), a chocolate brown retourne Kelly in what i think is evergrain. A couple of very large travel Birkins this afternoon -- don't know if they were being shown to someone and left on the table. I lifted one and couldn't believe how heavy it was.
    There was a rose dragee Kelly that must have gotten sold. And a very dark brown (ebene?) chevre HAC.
  8. Rose, which leathers were those VA Birkins? Not chevre, by any chance?

    Tamarind, that chevre ebene HAC must've been glorious! Was it with gold or palladium hw?:drool:
  9. i visited NYC at the end of January and I stopped by on 2 different days. The first visit there did not seem to be alot of bag inventory available other than luggage or evening size kellys. The next day I went the shipment has just arrived. There were 3-4 30cm swift birkins on display (blue red, green etc) There was a 32cm HAC etoupe and kellys galore. And Jiges in a rainbow of colors. I found my Kelly on that visit and every last brikin was bought by other customers while I was there.
    So I think alot of it has to do with timing and H luck
  10. I have a feeling that the first one I saw was....hlfinn was with me, H help me out....
  11. THe H store in Seattle has a terrible selection....good luck finding something special at your store...........
  12. i only remember the vert anis we tried on....
  13. oh shoot. i misread. i don't remember the leather. not togo or clemence or was it?
  14. ^^^ I have a feeling it was chevre, it had a wonderful sheen....
  15. Ahhh....vert anis're killing me!