Recent Rachel Bilson pic

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  1. [​IMG]

    I just wanted to share this picture that I saw over at Socialite's Life. I don't want to turn this thread into the mildly retarded flame fest that the comment section over there escalated into, but seriously... I want your opinions.

    Am I wrong when I think that Rachel has jumped on the recent Lohan, Hillary Duff, etc. diet plan? Or am I just a male pig who shouldn't judge the female beauty because she's just genetically skinny? :oh:

    All I can say, she surely wasn't that skinny on last year's The O.C.
  2. I mean shoot, her head is almost as wide as her waist. :amazed:
  3. I liked the healthier Rachel. :sad:

    But she still looks great. :smile:
    Maybe she's alittle stressed... It happens. :smile:
  4. I liked the healthier looking Rachel as well as the healthier looking Lindsay.
  5. I always question what drives many of them to try so hard to lose weight- media, themselves, other celebs, etc. Not to mention, who the heck has enough self-control to cut back on so much food! Not me! I'm not saying that eating healthy is bad, but not eating enough is not healthy. I'm not one to point fingers at who is not eating enough or being too skinny, but it's just my opinion.

    Rachel is a really cute girl- not gorgeous to me, but really cute- but I think she has been looking quite a bit skinner than earlier, and I don't think she needed to lose any weight- she was teenie tiny to begin with
  6. where are the days when marilyn monroe was a sex symbol in her revealing size 12 dresses....
  7. Those are the days that NEED to come back... where it is finally OK to be HEALTHY
  8. Agreed, I want to feel sexy again! ROFL :biggrin:
  9. Don't we all!!

  10. No kidding, what ever happened to female curves? :huh:
  11. I think Hollywood and its younger set are continuing to send the wrong message to our teens. There is no way you can loose that much weight that quickly without the aid of drugs or an eating disorder. And Vlad, I don't think you are a male pig, most men prefer a woman with shape! Who wants to hug on a stick!
  12. Speaking of being skinny check this out :amazed:

  13. "Who wants to hug on a stick!"

    I agree!!! :smile: That's funny too! :smile:
  14. Today I saw an old friend-- a friend of both Vlad and myself- who must weigh under 90 lbs. She developed some eating issues in college, and I just saw her again today and nearly died. ALL of her bones were sticking out and it was so sad. She needs help. I just don't understand why people do that to themselves...
  15. :sad:
    I have to agree with you all? Why do they have to do that to themselves? They are already beautiful. Rachel looked so beautiful last year on the O.C. I agree with you guys what happened to female curves?