Recent quality (crappy in my opinion)

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  1. Last month I took my empreinte PM in to have the peeling chaps fixed, they said they couldn't fix it and gave me a credit. I was worried about getting another PM and having issues so I picked out the Vaugirard. I was in a hurry and didn't inspect the bag, but when I got home there was a giant bump under the leather on the top handle, and the back canvas was PEELING and had leftover glue all over the edging. I took that back and they ordered another one, as they didn't have one in the store. That came in over the weekend and again it's peeling on the back. So now I still have credit, no bag, and not even sure what I want to get because they all seem to have quality issues now!!

    What the heck!
  2. I am hoping us LV fans aren't in for a major disappointment with this brand going forward as far as quality issues go. I am a long time customer of LV and in the few past decades the quality was superb. Now I am not sure.
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  3. People have been talking about quality decline since the start of tpf.
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  4. I have read about quality issues on TPF, but the problem described here made me finally realize that quality problems may be more worrisome than I realized.
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  5. The newest LV bag in my closet is 10 years old. I am going to keep it that way, as there is a noticeable difference in the thickness and quality of the canvas.
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  6. Its not funny when you read on these threads how people are ordering online for merchandise that is being recycled back to the unsuspecting customers merchandise that have been retuned back because its damaged.
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  7. I find myself gravitating back to the older styles now for these reasons. Once Marc Jacobs came along, who I loved, and basically put LV on the map bigger than before, quality starting declining. Yes, there have always been issues with certain lines and materials but nothing like the last 10 years
  8. I am starting to question whether spending thousands of dollars on a handbag is a smart idea these days. But, at least it seems LV makes sure the customer does not get stuck with a defective handbag.
  9. I really hope not. My Montaigne was peeling and LV had sent the pictures to QC for assessment... it has been 9 days and no replies yet. Sigh.
  10. According the starter of this thread- a credit was given.
  11. This happened to me a few months ago when I had 3 bags recalled. Had almost 7k+ and didn't know what to get. It seemed like everything in store looked returned by someone else which was frustrating. I tried to order stuff online and I couldn't believe that they didn't even put any stuffing at all to secure the bag in place. The bags had scratches (very visible mind you) that my SA kept apologizing for it. This is the year I haven't bought a lot of LV and have been buying other brands (YSL, Ferragamo, etc). The other brands area made in Italy, all leather and nowhere near the cost of LV. I am not fond of the recent designs as well (some I can tolerate like the Christmas animation).
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  12. I never thought I would say this but................I cannot find any LV that I want to buy. The last one I bought was the Neo Noe monogram with black trim. That was probably almost a year ago. I just got back from the LV store and could not find ONE bag I want. The newer designs are "not for me' (so far anyway) I scour the LV website hoping that something will strike my fancy to no avail. I guess I will have to consider other brands now.
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  13. I absolutely agree about the canvas bags, the quality even in just the past year has been horrible IMO. I bought 2 different Neo Noe bags and returned both, and bit the bullet and bought a leather bag (Haumea Mahina) instead. It is gorgeous and still smells amazing, even after 2 months of using it every day. So I think the leather products are still pretty awesome!!!
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  14. Hi how'd you know when there's a recall for LV bags, most of alma bb in dubai shop has a lot of imperfection, I got it change twice due to air bubbles on the leather and peeling off, and worst a chip off on the leather.. I must say all defective, and the one I had now, after few days of use_ the leather begun to wrinkle.. I felt really bad and wish I haven't bought anything from lv
  15. There is no recall for the alma bb. I see you posted on another thread about this and without pictures no one can really help. Why don’t you take it back to the store and ask? If it’s not normal they will take care of you
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