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  1. Here are a few Heritage Stripe items and key chains I bought. I also got a Hamptons Hobo in Berry but I had to bring back to the store because the zipper wasn't working right. My new one is being overnighted and I will post pics tomorrow when I get it. I think the Berry bag and my berry accessories are going to look nice together.

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  2. Beautiful!
  3. Very nice set! LOVE that berry cosmetic case, I got one myself and LOVE it!! Congrats!
  4. I love it all! I am huge fan of the berry color.
  5. love it all!!!

    The berry stuff is great.
  6. Your collection is so YUMMY!!
  7. That is such a great set!

    The berry color is so pretty!

    Congrats! :yes:
  8. I am so jealous of you all getting the berry heritage strip goodies. I can't wait until I'm able to start getting some myself! Anyway, congrats on your new purchases! I'm looking forward to seeing how they look with the berry hobo. :smile:
  9. these are beautiful! at first I wasn't too attracted to the berry heritage and now I'm thinking I need to get me some...congrats!