Recent purchases - Where is your Chloe bag made?

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  1. My just bought Hudson, made in Italy.

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  2. Faye Wallet, Made in Spain
  3. My new Paraty bought from Nordstrom is made in Italy.
  4. Love this so pretty
  5. Mini Faye-made in Spain

  6. This is gorgeous!
  7. Bought this last week....Chloe Alice, large. Made in Italy ;)

  8. I got her last week, made in Italy. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1454650789.772798.jpg
  9. My pre-loved large Marcie in nut, that I got last week is Made in Italy.
  10. My new Marcie made in Italy :smile:

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  11. Thanks! I loved the color when I saw it, it's so striking.
  12. Large Hudson, made in Italy
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  13. Did you ever hear of a Chloe bag made in Manutius #03 12 95???
  14. Mauritius?
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