Recent purchases - Where is your Chloe bag made?

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  1. I wonder where Chloe makes their bags nowadays. I was sure all of them are made in Italy. But when I was changing to another bag today and cleansing inner pocket in my small Elsie I looked at the tag and hello "made in Bulgaria". So now they are making bags in Bulgaria :wondering (just in case the bag is from Chloe Las Vegas boutique).
    I got curious, I have 5 Chloe bags that I bought in last two years and looked at all of them. I inspected my 2 Marcies crossbody, both are made in Spain. Elsie shoulder (with chain) is made in Italy as well as Paraty.

    I think it's interesting to look at where Chloe makes particular styles nowadays. It looks like Marcies are made in Spain, Paraties in Italy, Elsies in Italy and now in Bulgaria, but I may be wrong.

    Please share where your bag is made, what style it is and when did you buy it (recent purchases).:biggrin:
  2. Hey Gems, my dove paraty I bought this year and it is made in Italy. I am on vaca now but I will check my other paraty when I get back.
  3. Hi! My Paraty (medium in Rock) was made in Italy but my Ethel (Azure blue) was made in Hungary. Both were bought new at Nordstrom in May 2012.
  4. My medium eggplant paraty is made in Italy. Purchased a couple weeks ago from Saks.
  5. My medium Elsie bought a few years ago was made in Hungary.
  6. My paraty is made in italy :smile: i bought it reently
  7. My Marcie crossbody bag in Fetish Red is made in Spain :smile:
    Bought in June, manufactured in Feb I supposed, cos datecode tag says 02-12-60-65
  8. My Elsie was made in Hungary.
  9. I'm new to Chloe...where can I find the date code tag and what do the numbers mean? Thank you!
  10. My medium desert mauve paraty is made in Italy.
  11. Its located in the inner pocket. Dont know what the numbers mean but sure you can find that info somewhere in the Chloe forum.
  12. My Elsie is made in Hungary, and I purchased July 2012 from Chloe Boutique in Las Vegas :heart: I was checking out the other Elsies while I was there (shoulder bag, python, etc.) and they all seemed to be made in Hungary as well.

    I haven't yet seen a Paraty that wasn't made in Italy so far, but I believe I have seen "Made in Spain" on a Marcie or two if I'm not mistaken.

    HTH, girlie! :biggrin:
  13. Just got my new Marcie hobo yesterday, Made In Italy!
  14. My Rock Paraty, purchased in June '12 and manufactured in March '12, was made in Italy. :smile:
  15. My mini Marcie crossbody was made in Spain and Paraty was made in Italy. I'll have to check my Marcie satchel!
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