Recent Purchases and MIL's Birthday Gift

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  1. My MIL is the hardest person to buy for, according to my husband. Luckily she likes Coach a lot, but doesn't always have the extra $$$ to purchase something. We headed to Albertville to check out the Coach outlet store.

    Here is what we got her:


    Heritage Stripe Small Tote and matching Cosmetic Bag
    This awesome gift also came with an awesome price tag.
    Original: $229 marked down to: $170. It was on clearance, so it was only $119 :yahoo:
    Cosmetic Bag:
    Original: $89 marked down to: $49.99. It was on clearance too, so it was only $35 :yahoo:

    I got myself a keyfob. He was marked down to $9.99

    My other recent purchases:

    My early birthday present to myself:

    and a skinny mini and matching ponytail tie

    I hope my MIL loves her birthday gift. I really :heart: it.
  2. Wooo hooo! What great purchases you got! And what a wonderful gift for your MIL! You are so sweet! Congrats
  3. Very nice. I'm sure your MIL will love her gift. Its beautiful. I love your new bag. Happy early birthday. Enjoy your stuff.
  4. Great gifts at great prices!
  5. Thanks all. I'm excited for her birthday(it's the day before mine). We actually already wrapped her just to wait.
  6. Awesome deals! You did so well. :tup: And hey, we are small satchel twins. :smile:
  7. I think she'll love that tote and cosmetic bag!! They're GORGEOUS!!
  8. Wow... congrats! Gorgeous items. I'm sure your MIL will love it
  9. awesome stuff! i love everything.
  10. I think your MIL should be thrilled with her gifts. I like the things you got for yourself, too.
  11. Nice gifts. Your mil should be delighted.
  12. She will love it, it's so nice :tup:
  13. Wow! That's a nice gift for your MIL! I'm sure she will love it! And I love all of your other purchases too! Congrats!
  14. Great gifts for your MIL and yourself.
  15. nice haul