Recent Purchase...To Keep Or Not....Honest Opinions Please!

  1. I recently purchased this Marc By Marc Jacobs Faridah in Black and one in Brown. I'm having seconds thoughts about the black one though. Someone told me it looks too "biker chick" in black. What do you think? Should I return it and buy a Chicory one on eBay?
  2. WOW! That's a mighty big bag! I'm not really a fan of the black color (for that bag) - If you already have it in brown, I"d say return or exchange it for another style.
  3. Wow, that really is a big bag, but it's probably because it's fully stuffed? I like it and don't think it looks biker chick at all... even if it did, it would give me more incentive to keep it! I love that type of look.
  4. hmm I like it! Looks good on you!
  5. Yeah it looks pretty big since it is still stuffed with tissue. I love this style and it is so comfy on the shoulder. I'm just afraid I might regret it if I return it since it is no longer available. I haven't seen the Chicory color in person so this is a very hard decision for me. :confused1:
  6. If you have ANY doubt is not the bag for you. Return it. Buy a bag that you really desire and love 100%
  7. Hey, I really like it! Where did you buy it?
  8. ^^ I bought it at Barneys. I just checked the invoice a few moments ago and just noticed it's been past 30 days since I bought it so I don't get a refund but an exchange instead. Damn!
  9. I agree, I use this philosophy when shoppiing. I think the black colour is a little dull for this bag and you could find a better bag. Why not do an exchange? What colour is Chicory btw?
  10. Interesting!!Big!!!
  11. Even though it is stuffed with paper, IMO I think it's a little overwhelming for your frame. If you are not in love with it, then return. If you will have the "biker chick" comment in your mind every time you go to wear it, you won't go to it.
  12. This is the bag in Chicory:
  13. i personally like chicory, it's such a gorgeous color in this bag and i usually am not a fan f mbmj bags, this one really caught me by suprise
  14. Yeah... I agree with your friend it does look a little biker chick. Go for the Chicory that color looks more fun too! It's a beautiful bag btw.
  15. my thoughts exactly:wlae:...but if it doesn't work with yor wardrobe, and if you doubt whether you like it or not, then it's probably not for you...and you'd be better getting something your head over heels for and feel comfortable carrying:yes::heart: good luck. the chicory color is very pretty too!