Recent Purcahses/ Collection pics

  1. Purchases:
    got the bag for $70 at the outlet and the mini skinny with PCE

    and i got this for my cousin, with PCE, for her birthday except with turquoise leather.


    All my baby's

    Small Scribble tote, A charm, Yellow Optic small hobo

    Kate khaki sneakers, Pewter wristlet, Red wallet (was my mom's, gave it 2 me)

    Khaki/Chocoalte small hobo, Gold Star charm, Chocolate striped swingpack

    I don't have too much, but I don't think it's that bad for a 16 yr. old.
  2. B-E-A-Utiful collection! You've done very well for yourself!
  3. Very nice!!
  4. cute collection!
  5. Nice collection!
  6. Great finds. I love the polka dots on the hang tag on that bag!!!
  7. thanks everybody!
  8. Nice collection!! I love everything!!
  9. very nice! I love that scribble!
  10. $70 for the green Hamptons?? If only...Nice deal and beautiful bags!!!
  11. Very nice collection- congrats