Recent Pilots at outlets

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    So recall last year when the magenta shoulder bags were at random outlets, yes, they were pilot bags. (I hope lovecoachmore doesn't mind that I borrow this - I'm not on my computer)

    Next we hear about the cranbery sabrinas showing up at the outlets (which I now regret not buying when I had the chance to choose between the large and the small :crybaby:) (I just googled for pictures since I don't have my computer - sorry if this is someone's, I hope you don't mind)

    Then we hear of random showings of the PLUM JULIANNE
    (see thread:

    THe following is a berry sabrina for comparison (sorry again, I borrowed from google)
    Here is a listing from ebay for a plum sabrina (NMA):

    I called my outlet today and they said they had a small PLUM SABRINA
    (looks kinda like the berry sabrina (shown below) - but maybe darker)

    and just gotten in a MAHOGANY JULIANNE.
    (This is similar to the expresso, but perhaps a shade darker - I can't find any pics of it)

    ^^ Yup, that was me. I thought they were crazy, but I went and checked them out (I had them on hold) and when I walked around the store debating to myself if I wanted to get them - I had people stalking me and asking where I got those bags. When I opened the bags up, I saw they had the P at the end of the style number. I only had a few minutes in the outlet since I was on my way home (and getting back to the grind of life)

    Have you heard of these?

    I will post pictures as soon as I get a chance (I have class all day, so hopefully tomorrow night).
  2. no but WOW. that is so lucky. great styles & great colors!
  3. I too have been wondering about the recent increase in pilot bags at the outlets. My guess is it has something to do with the inventory being conducted at JAX and the stores this week? It's good for us Coachies, though! I was one of the lucky ones to score a small Cranberry Sabrina recently at a non-flagship outlet where I'd never expect to find such a prize.
  4. ive been seeing a lot of the berry sabrinas showing up on ebay.
  5. Wow, that's so lucky!! Enjoy your pilots!! How fun!
  6. I really want one of those mahogany juliannes!!! I am hoping that maybe one turns up at my outlet! Coach dedicated do you mind me asking how much you paid for yours?
  7. Well, I think the odd thing is that plum and mahogany are colors from the Fall 2009 Madison line, and by then the Madisons had been selling for many months. The creeds indicate they were made in 2009.

    The Sabrinas actually piloted in the summer of 2008. I think the leather colors then were black, espresso and cranberry. I'm not sure if there were pilot Juliannes.

    So where were these plum and mahogany Sabrinas and Juliannes supposed to be sold? Why are they pilot? Did Coach make them before they switched the designs to Audreys and Claires?

    It's all a mystery. :shrugs:
  8. Cool find! Enjoy your bags!
  9. They're very pretty! Wish I had an outlet nearby......
  10. I paid the $458 - 30% (-20% off they had going this weekend).. so about $270 tax included.
  11. I thought I'd post some pics. The plum is really similar to my berrry sabrina and the mahogany is really similar to my expresso. My sister may be getting these since i don't really want duplicates and she's been showing them some interest.

    The plum sabrina (small)

    Plum on the left, my berry on the right

    The Plum creed

    Plum Julianne

    Mahogany julianne on the left, Expresso on the right

    Mahogany on top, expresso on the bottom

    I'm thinking maybe these were too similar to the colors they had in previously, so they didn't launch them? Like you said, it's all a mystery.
  12. Good going! I am liking that plum Sabrina more than the berry, the color seems richer and darker. The colors are very similar though, I agree that they could have scrapped launching two that close.
  13. great comparison pics...totally drooling over your new plum sabrina. :P
  14. we saw the plum sabrinas (small), plum julianne and mahogany julianne at Dawsonville over the weekend... the plum sabrinas and juliannes were a steal but the color just didn't sing to me (guess i am crazing more of a deep purple)... i grabbed the mahogany but ultimately let my friend crystale have it since she has been stalking a brown julianne for months now... it was a little pricier but VERY deep, dark and deliciously beautiful