Recent Pics Of Nicole Wearing Her Blankie !!+ Here, Leaving Crystal Meth Meeting

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. I love that missoni shawl...its gorgeous and so practical for LA weather..
  3. she's getting skinner and disappearing by the day. super scary.
  4. beautiful shaw... but omgosh how can she look in the mirror and not freak out when her hairs falling out & her eyes are popping out of the sockets!

    I mean she looks like she might have a bald spot!
  5. she needs her blankie to keep warm since she's got 0% body fat!
  6. She is waisting away... I'm honestly scared for her.
  7. this is the skinniest ive ever seen her, and ive seen those beach pics!
  8. I think she does have a bald spot.. Tragic. I hope she gets over whatever has ahold of her soon.
  9. Gosh, she's totally wasting away!! Nicole, please eat something! I miss the good o' you!
  10. She really looked sick.:sad:Hope she can gain some weight.
  11. she is really scary!!!eat something, please!!!!!
  12. Man, I really want to give that girl a sandwich.
  13. I wonder if she's wearing that shawl to cover up her sickly body. She really does need to get help. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do for someone unless they admit they need help. You can't help someone who refuses to believe they need it. :sad:
  14. She looks soooo much Rachel Zoe in those pics! :wtf:
  15. I NEED her car!!!:nuts:
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