Recent Pics Of Lindsay @ The Rehab Center **UPDATE**

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    Fallen party queen Lindsay Lohan took a break from lockdown yet again (supervised, this time) to visit to a grocery store near the Wonderland facility she presently calls home.

    Since checking into the pampering Wonderland Center addiction-treatment facility last week, Lindsay Lohan has been keeping a low profile – and loving it.

    "She's been sending text messages from rehab saying she's the happiest she has ever been," a pal tells PEOPLE in its new issue. "She seems under control right now."

    Lohan, 20, who had planned to attend the Sundance film festival, has instead been taking hikes on the center's lush three acres and attending treatment meetings.

    The hillside Wonderland has all the amenities of a spa, including yoga instructors and beauty constultants. Says Dr. Howard C. Samuels, the center's executive director: "We treat the individual's emotional, spiritual and physical ailments."

    Should Lohan wish to step out, the new facility allows patients to attend professional and social engagements, typically with a "sober companion" – a Wonderland staffer – in tow.

    So far the kid-glove treatment seems to be agreeing with the actress – which must come as a relief to her family and friends, who had watched with increasing concern as she kicked off the new year by partying hard and fast.
  2. Everything sounds good, lets hope she stays on track.
  3. good for her.. she got potential.
  4. Good luck, Linds!
  5. I saw these today in the US magazine..I hope she gets better soon..I like her.
  6. I hope she gest better soon!
  7. What's with that pink shoes? They look horrible.
    I also don't get this: normally, when a someone enters a rehab, we don't see any picture of the him outside rehab, at least that's what I noticed while other celebs where at the rehab centers. And yet we see new pics of Lindsay almost everyday. I don't get it.
  8. I didn't know she actually spent any time in rehab. I thought maybe after seeing her out shopping every day that is her rehab?
  9. I hope that she`s getting the treatment that she sorely needs!
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    After spending a week at the Wonderland rehab facility, Lindsay Lohan returned to a working schedule yesterday. We caught the embattled starlet pumping gas on her way to the set of I Know Who Killed Me, a thriller in which she'll be playing dual roles. Given the events of last summer, we're just thrilled to see her getting her career back on track!
    Back to work
    Lindsay's recovery process isn't over - she's able to leave Wonderland to film her movie as part of a special outpatient program - but you know what they say about a journey of a thousand miles
  11. It's great that Wonderland staffers will chaperone her. However....perhaps if she had been chaperoned by her MOTHER in the past few years, she would not be an addict now. But since rumor has it that her mother is addicted to cocaine as well, she probably wouldn't have been such a great chaperone.
  12. It sounds like it's going well for her, and I really hope it works out. I just wish the press wouldn't take so many photos over, she trying her hardest to recover and I think she just needs some space to relax without having them surround her 24/7. I think a little privacy whilst she gets her life back together would do her the world of good.
  13. How terrible to be taking pictures of someone while they're in a rehab centre....some photographers have no shame!!
  14. I hope this works for her...I do think she is a great actress.
  15. Well at least she's trying...