Recent Outlet Scores! No Long Reveals, Just Pictures!

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  1. I have had a wonderful couple of months. Well, for me anyway! Last month I purchased the hounds tooth scarf at the Leesburg, VA outlet for something like $20 (because I had return credit plus the extra holiday 10% that they were doing). Then I purchased the outlet Legacy leather tote in Whiskey at the Williamsburg outlet (with the TDF signature blue lining), which was 50% off plus the holiday 10% off plus I had a $50 gift card from xmas, so it came out to $143.25 (originally $409.00!!!). Today, I went back to Williamsburg and got the blue tattersall scarf which I have been lusting after for a while for $50, and I got the adorbale little hearts lanyard which I have also been lusting after for quite some time ($24), and last but not least I got the blue Carly! I am FINALLY a member of the Carly club after being a Coach fan for over 2 years! Yay! The Carly was 50% off plus I had more return credit, so she came out to....$58.23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (originally 379.00) :yahoo:she has the most delicious blue interior too.

    I also (FINALLY) got a scorpio keyfob off of evil bay, and the new "J" charm from the boutique back in October. I think that's all the recent stuff! Phew!

    Here are the lovelies!

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  2. Congrats on your purchases! love the blue Carly!
  3. great scores!! Congrats. Love seeing what everyone finds
  4. Very nice haul! I especiallly love the tattersall scarves; they're TDF! Congrats :smile:
  5. L.o.v.e. the Tattersall scarves. The blue Carly and whiskey Legacy are very pretty! Congratulations on your finds. :yes:
  6. Oh I love both of those purses, I actually watched that carly for a while! You got it at a steal! And I love the legacy tote. I wish the original would pop up somewhere, but I do love the pool lining inside that one too!! Great buys!!!!
  7. Congrats on you things, I love them all!
  8. :drool: over your Carly!
  9. You got some great deals. Congratulations on your additions.
  10. I was looking at the blue leather Carly and decided not to get it. After seeing your blue beauty, I regret that decision. It's a lovely bag. I love your Legacy tote as well. I saw the original and tried carrying it but it was feeling a bit too heavy. I am curious to see what the outlet version looks like. If it's lighter, I may be tempted to pick one up for myself. They're lovely purchases.

    The blue Carly will look fantastic with blue jeans--which is my favourite type of fabric.
  11. Congrats on your awesome finds!!! LOVE the Carly!!! The Legacy totes lovely too! Congrats!!!
  12. Congrats love the blue Carly!
  13. Very nice purchases. I have one of those blue tattersall scarves on its' way to me, too - love it! Congrats and enjoy everything!
  14. Thanks all :smile:

    T-GIRL- I hope you get one of the Carly's! And as for the Legacy, I haven't used it yet, but I have filled it up and tried it on and it seems to be nice and light, especially for how much it can hold!
  15. Congrats on your finds. I have a blue carly in large and I love the color. It can be used all year round :yes: