RECENT makeup purchases?

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  1. What cosmetics have you recently gotten?
  2. Today! I got a boatload of stuff from Bobbi Brown. I stopped at Trish McEnvoy, but they were trying to sell me this NM reject that was 295, but orignally 495. I passed on that.
  3. I've gone overboard..
    Laura Mercier:
    tinted moisterizer in sand
    quad blush in coral red
    3 eye shadows, desire, star fruit, sherazade
    eyebrow duo in brunette
    travel brush kit
    wet/dry liner in bleu marine

    select cover up
    3 eyeshadows embark, satin taupe, grain
    soft smudge pencil prunella

    and today
    lip gloss

    still looking for mascara..
    but in my defense, the mac is for smokey eyes, and the other colors are for a gold into green look.
  4. bought these for my sister who's in australia:

    Laura Mercier Duo Concealer
    Chanel Rogue
    Lancome Juicy tubes.
  5. NARS bronzer in Casino
    Chanel Glossimer in Glaze
  6. Chanel Glossimer in Twinkle. Highly recommended!!
  7. Just today I bought...
    Nars Orgasm blush
    Nars lip lacquer- Chelsea Girls
    Dior Show mascara
    and Sephora's travel make-up brush kit to get the free shipping.:P
  8. Chanel Inimitable mascara
    Chanel Quadra eye shadow in Ombres
    Chanel sheer brillance
  9. ohh, this sounds good.
  10. sorry the eyeshadow colors are
  11. Laura Mercier oil free foundation
    NARS bronzer in Laguna
    YSL Matt and Radiant pressed powder
    YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils
    YSL Blush Variation #11
    Bobbi Brown Ski Slopes blush
  12. Chanel Inimitable Mascara *simply AMAZING!*
    MAC "light as air" eyeliner
    MAC Shadowstick "Shimmermint"
    MAC Eye Shadow "Beautiful Iris"
    Napoloeon Eye Shimmer in some orange-y base color
    Balmshell "Shoe Addict" Lip Gloss
  13. i bought a dior color pallete the pink shades..

    aramni fondation travel kit
    amrani shimmer poweder
    ysl lipgloss bracelet.. ( xmas pressie for sister)
  14. Pout Bronzer Duo
  15. I'm a make up addict but have tried to cut back (cuts into my handbag budget) but I have bought:

    MAC Mascara
    MAC smokey eyes pallet
    Lipfusion lipgloss and night treatment