Recent Lv Catalog Anyone?

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  1. Does Anyone Have A Recent Lv Catalog
  2. I have one. But the SA told me that they're printed at the beginning of the year, meaning that by now, it's outdated.
  3. the blue one?? or is there any recent one that I should get??
  4. that sucks! :yucky:
  5. I think they only print it once a year like Vlad said, so the blue cover 2006 is current... but outdated now because it doesn't have things like Damier speedy, or any of the new lines.
  6. I requested it, but they did not have in stock
  7. Yep, outdated already. My SA pointed out that mat and mini mono is still in there so you might as well look online anyways !
  8. I have one with a blue cover. I got it from 1-866-vuitton. I think it was $10 -- money well spent. It's like an encyclopedia of the permanent lines.
  9. Yes, it's definitely outdated :yes: , it has got stuff from the mini monogram line
  10. I was just last night grumbling to DH about how outdated the 'current' catalogue is. And I wish they put in pictures of the seasonal stuff.