Recent listing of B-bags on Bluefly

  1. :cry: Has anyone who ordered Balenciaga bags on Bluefly a few days ago actually received them yet? My girlfriend still has not gotten hers yet and the order status for them says "Submitted to Warehouse". I can't wait for them to come because we want to take pictures and post them here to see if they're authentic or not :shocked:

    Anyone else ordered these questionable bags? :cry: Thanks.....
  2. Yep! I ordered 2 in the .0001% chance that they might turn out to be real :lol: I just got an email saying they've been shipped. The delivery date is for tomorrow (5/10) so I'll be sure to post pics once I've received the bags :graucho: (<--love that smiley!)
  3. ^ :biggrin: We're all excited! We want the truth!
  4. I have 4 coming tomorrow but will be out of town until later in the day so I may not get them until Friday.
  5. thanks aimky! can't wait the pics either! is it wrong of us to hope that the .0001% chance is a dream come true?!!!!! you guys would be so lucky :yahoo:*doin' your dance*:yahoo:but that'll have to wait until tomorrow :Push: to see what we find
    p.s. -i love the smiley too but love your avatar even more :biggrin:
  6. That's great, chigirl! Maybe when you're out of town, you can stop into the forum and check on any findings posted :smile: By then, you'll know what to do with the bags by Friday :lol: prior to opening the package ;)
  7. I am actually hoping I can still get them tomorrow. I will be back home later in the day but am always scared of having packages left outside the house in case of rain. I would also hate to have them stolen even though that is unlikely as I live in suburbia. I am going to try and have UPS hold it at the facility, which is near my house and then pick them up before they close so I may have them by tomorrow evening.

    My more pressing problem is what bag to take on my interview tomorrow.
  8. Good idea about having UPS hold them for you in your absence.

    Good luck on your interview tomorrow-is it for a corporate firm? Maybe something conservative but nice? Sorry if I am no help
  9. Thanks! I am actually getting out of corporate after ten years and trying to move to academia. I am buying all my handbags now because I will be taking a huge pay cut if I get one of these jobs. I think I am taking my MJ Stella. Kind of big, but it works with my suit.
  10. i LOVE the Stella. I don't own one but it sounds perfect for tomorrow! Best of luck!
  11. Yeah, someone just emailed me some photos of an "olive" city they received today, and it is, sad to say, 100% fake-a-rooney. Square bales, rivets on back of handles are wrong, leather is wrong, hardware appears to be silver, extra folding card that shouldn't be there. Fake.
  12. Good luck on your attempted move to academia. As a fellow academic, be assured that no one will realize what bag you're carrying or willl notice when they change with the exception of the administrative assistent of your dept, who will notice everything.:graucho: :graucho: At least that's been my experience! (I actually prefer it that way considering what a handbag whore I am)
  13. I am sorry, but not surprised to hear about the fake handbags from Bluefly. My bronze Classique arrived yesterday and it does appear to be authentic (this was from the listings just before last week's fiasco listings). I will post photos later, just to be sure I'm not missing anything that's not quite right with the bag, but I'm sure it's okay and those others that WERE fake weren't superfakes anyways, but rather obvious fakes, unfortunately. And there were still some listed this morning!
  14. Thanks susan-eric. I am not that worried about my bag. It is just that I have a bunch of new ones and couldn't decided which one to wear! So glad your bronze worked out. I do think it was from a different shipment.

    As for my bbags, I am not expecting mine to be authentic but am excited to see them anyway!
  15. Thank you for the update, LP. Now I am almost sure the bags that my friend ordered will be part of that giant batch of fakes sold a few days ago.