Recent lamb more durable?

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  1. I dropped into NM today and saw a beige lamb. It felt much more durable, less soft and shinier than my lamb that I bought 5 years ago. When I asked the SA, he said that Chanel is now coating their lamb to make it more durable. Has anyone else noticed this as well?
  2. Oh wow. I have always wanted a lambskin flap but was afraid of it. I'm definitely going to check it out!
  3. Do you mean a beige boy like the one I have?

    SA said her manager wrote down lamb but we both feel it's more like calf.

    It's nice and soft but I don't feel it's as delicate as the lamb that I tried on before. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392694969.264464.jpg
  4. That is what my SA has kept telling me these days, but I am not sold 100%...

    A few years back when I bought a lambskin wallet, the SA at boutique told me that the lambskin for small leather goods are durable compared to classic flaps because the lambkins for classic flaps are stretched a lot so that it will be luxurious super soft and puffy but then very delicate = not durable.

  5. No it was a classic flap, so the SA's comment surprised me. Nice bag by the way!
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  6. I do feel the lamb skin boy not as delicate as the lamb skins I tried last season. That's why I have been wondering if this is indeed smooth calf not lamb.

    But good to know that the lamb skin flaps are not as delicate as the old ones!!

  7. Not as durable as calf but pretty durable. Look at some recent posts from vintage buys that are puffy and stunning and 18+ years old. It's not that delicate and with use develops a great patina. Tiny scratches? Yes, but with time they blend in and you just have smooth beauty. You can also smooth out small marks if you want, but I use my bags and they still look pretty terrific.

  8. Tutushopper, In your opinion, do you think the lambskin of today is more durable than lambskin years ago? Does it feel not as buttery soft and less prone to scratches? I'm just asking because I only have recently in the past year bought 2 lambs. The so black and the 13s blue.
  9. My lamb skins range from a 1 series vintage to 2014. I find them to have retained much more of the luxurious feel than caviar, which has had issues of late (ashy color, varying rigidity, etc.). Any lamb will be prone to small scratches but that's also true of calf. No bag is impenetrable. Truly with use they become more beautiful, developing a glorious shine. My So Black jumbo is puffy and smooth just as my 14c red, just like my older bags from '01-07 (the supposed date after which things went south and prices skyrocketed. You have to remember they are bags to be used and enjoyed; don't worry if you get small scratches. Someone last week posted a caviar WOC which had scraped on a wall and been damaged. They can't put back pebbles onto caviar.
  10. After getting my V flap in lambskin, i am preferring lambskin to caviar. I accidentally scratched my lambskin with my fingernail and i just used a leather lotion n massaged it gently n the scratch was gone. On the otherhand, there's nothing i can do about the areas of my gst where the pebbled caviar has smoothened due to wear. Like tutushopper said, it's not possible to put the pebbles back on the caviar.
  11. I can compare current lambskin to that of 2010 and I can definitely say that the current is not as scratch prone as 2010 but just as luxurious. The current lambskin reminds me a lot of Dior lambskin bags which Tutu and those who own Dior lambskin bags can attest to :smile:
  12. So happy to read this! Glad to hear its more durable, thank you for sharing

  13. That's interesting. The texture and shine reminds me of a bag that might have developed a patina. Do you know if the new ones are coated with something?
  14. I don't know about the coating but when I asked I was told that Chanel is always in the developmental process to make their leathers better.

  15. Thanks for the info! I like the new lamb a lot actually :smile: