Recent Hermes Owners

  1. I find myself looking back many times to all the threads where you posted your new bag and everyone toasted/congratulated you.

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread just for each of you to post your picture, give the color, leather type, size, hardware, where you purchased it, how much you paid, the SA, and any other info. for a quick reference.

    I thought this would be another way for us to indulge in the beautiful bags without searching all over, but also to help one another. It would enable us to pm certain people to ask questions about a color, an SA, a store etc.

    If you like this idea...please post and let others indulge!
  2. Hi Kellybag!

    Do you mean just bags or also accessories/wallets?
  3. So each individual open a new thread, and post pics of our bags/accessories? And anytime anything new comes in, post in our thread?
  4. I am sorry if I wasn't clear...please post everyting "in one thread". You can post bags, accessories, whatever you'd like. Please include information like in a short bullet type style 1)Type bag
    3)size etc.

    Give any info. you think would be helpful. Whoever is the first to start the others can follow. It will be really nice to have pictures with each persons log in name (i.e. Kellybag) for reference etc. That way everyone will have access to items people bought all in one place rather than all over the place. It still might get long and hectic, but I feel it is better than everyone having their own thread after awhile. If you have a better idea let me know.

    I will start a new thread and call it "MEMBERS' HERMES ITEMS-REFERENCE"

    Let's please try not to respond and make commments in there...use it only for each other
  5. I just started the new thread...I hope it makes sense.
  6. Oops Kellybag...I already screwed up and posted a question in the new thread. Ugh! I read that one first....can you delete it?
  7. This is a great idea - a great, big, picture archive!

    It would be great to have a "sticky" on that thread, so it's just below the other "sticky" references.
    Can this thread be a sub-thread so we can discuss the pics more openly by refering to the main-thread post #s?
  8. What a great idea Kellybag!! I am in the hunt for a kelly and/or birkin myself and can't seem to get the leathers or the colors straight. It will be very helpful!! Thanks!
  9. great thread idea. it just makes admiring all of the lovely bags that much easier :smile:
  10. One more thing...When you do get a new bag PLEASE also start your own thread like before to SHOW IT OFF!!! Then, place a small version in the new reference thread I created. Got it? I don't want to take away anything from someone who just purchased their new things. The reference file is to somehow archive all the goodies in one neat place.

    I hope I made sense?