Recent Haul!

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  1. Good evening ladies, I haven't had the time to reveal my new purchases lately so I'm doing them all together!

    Anyone around??
  2. I am!
  3. yay! haul! :smile:
  4. I'm here! Looking forward to some fun!
  5. Ooh yes - ready and waiting...........
  6. Yup, ready and waiting :smile:
  7. I am here too!!! Let's see!
  8. These are going to be instant reveals, not the usual strip tease ;)
  9. Go cupcake! X
  10. Here's the first.....I've been waiting for this one for ages and some of you already know I have her :biggrin:
  11. Eggplant Lily!!! :love:
  12. Go on! Xx
  13. Lovely, looks really purple and nice! Xx
  14. Oooh! lovely! Gorgeous colour!
  15. Hello ladies....thanks for sticking around! :wave: