Recent Gucci Shoe purchase / 2 dustbags?

  1. I just took out my Gucci Sandals again and I noticed that there are 2 dustbags? Is that one for each shoe? It's only my 2nd pair of Gucci shoes. My first pair just came with one dustbag.. The brown satin with the GG's all over it. Did I just get lucky or is this the norm now?
  2. hmmmm i know my chanel ones come wiht one per shoe...but my guccis came with only one i believe! it makes more sense to use two though, keeps the shoes from rubbing on themselves!
  3. Yes mssmelanie, they come with 2 dust bags now.
  4. Yes, they do come with 2 dustbags. I thought I was lucky as well, but after seeing that I could barely fit a pair into one dustbag, I see why. They would be good for my Ferragamos though, they never come with dustbags.
  5. Ahh.. I see. It does make sense :smile:
  6. I just bought a pair and it came with two as well!
  7. I get 2 bags as for each shoe
  8. Gucci used to only give 1 dustbag for both pairs of shoes. Ever since they have changed the packaging (boxes, carriers) and dustbags, they give 2 with each pair of shoes.
  9. mine came with 2.
  10. Speaking of dust bag. I just couple a pair of romy heels couple weeks ago. I didnt' see any dust bag??? They put the shoe into the shoes box only. Gosh, I have to call my SA and complain. :confused1: Thanks for the info guys.
  11. since when did shoes have dustbags? i got mine in early this year and it was just placed in the box. i bought it from the boutique.
  12. they always came with 2 dustbags, one for each shoe
  13. I love that gucci shoes come with 2 dust bags now, my bottega and hermes shoes have always come with 2. I think it's a nice way to protect them.
  14. i always get 2 dustbags as well, one for each shoe. ;)
  15. Yeah, it's definitely got hosed Tabbi! :tdown: