Recent Ebay Purchase -- Mallory Square!

I don't know why I put myself on bans, they don't last, haha! This was supposed to be my last bag of 2006 ... but I've bought two since then, so :shrugs:

Some of you may remember my post in the ebay forum about this. I bought it super cheap from someone with no feedback and wasn't really sure if it was going to come ... but it arrived yesterday! :yahoo:I was very happy to see it in my mailbox.

The marshmallow color is goooorgeous. So sparkly! It is the perfect size too, much bigger than the lexington.

The bottom vachetta is a bit dirty, but from what I paid, I don't really care. I baby wiped it once and it looks a lot better, I will probably try another application tomorrow.

Here's what it fits:

I can fit my digital camera in there too if I organize correctly. ;)
Here it is compared to my epi pochette and lexington ... it is about as wide as the epi, but wider.

The strap is much longer than the pochette strap, I'll probably use it on the lexington too!

One modeling pic:

I am really in love with it right now!! It is the perfect small shoulder bag!


Aug 21, 2006
That is very pretty and so tropical with the colors.. Congrats on your new bag..:flowers:


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006

Looks really cute on you.

:heart: it in marshmallow especially!

Thanks for sharing the difference in sizes and how much it can hold!


Oct 31, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
WOW, This is one of my favorite bags, I have one in red & I can tell you it's very practical. It fits a ton and looks stunning.

It looks very eligant on you! Congrats & Enjoy, If I am not mistaken it's been discontinued so you're very lucky:yahoo:!!!