Recent drama and the closing of the Hermes forum

  1. Hi ladies,
    as you have certainly noticed, the Hermes sub-forum has been closed for posting for most of the day. I had a good reason to take this drastic step.

    The recent drama in here reached scary dimensions. Rumors, animosity, fights... this just had to stop. I wanted to use this timeout to give everyone a chance to relax, chill and take a deep breath. After all, we are here to discuss Hermes and not slit each other's throats.

    I would like to add my point of view to recent events and clarify some things for future reference.

    First of all, the banning of "24, Foubourg" was her own wish. She approached me asking for a ban. I tried to reason with her, offer her the chance to step back from the forum for a few days, let things settle and have a fresh start. She refused to take me up on that offer and said she'd do her best to get banned. So she did. Call it damage control. I am sorry for the Hermes community to have lost a valuable member, but it was nothing but her own wish to be banned.

    Secondly, msbroberts has been banned from the forums. The lady has a years-long track record of buying and selling fake LVs, Hermes bags and others. The purpose of the thread that started all the drams is unclear to me, but she most certainly was aware that the bag shown to the crowd was a faux. Did she try to do market research to see if our experts would call her out on the fake croc Birkin? No clue. But either way, her deceiving behavior on tPF, her active participation and support in the fake bag trade on iOffer (and other sites) are not qualities of members that we want to stick around. If I can do something about it to keep the board clean, I will.

    Lastly, should you have the suspicion that someone posted a fake bag and is either clueless or actively trying to pass it off as real, please use the "Report this post" function to report the picture in question to our mods. Our moderators, Megs and I all agree that it is best to discreetly take care of the situation, rather than to call a person out publicly. This is not a matter of free speech but respect towards a possibly clueless owner who would be embarassed to death if called out publicly on owning a fake bag. And this doesn't only apply to the Hermes section, but forum-wide.

    Thanks for hearing me out, the Hermes forum will be reopened in a few hours.

  2. I also would like to remind everyone here that you should never take your personal beef with someone out in the public. Keep it to PM or email, please.

    It's been a rule since day 1 on tPF and since there's been a tendency of people forgetting... thought I'd remind everyone.
  3. Is 'time out' over?:shame:
  4. :yes:
  5. Yay!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. Yay!! We're back!!!!!:yahoo: :wlae: Thank you~~~
  7. :yahoo: :kiss:
  8. Yay! :yahoo: I was going through some serious withdrawal!! :sweatdrop: Thx!
  9. Me too, I keep checking back and forth to see whether the forum has re-opened. Wah, I missed you guys!
  10. ^^YUP! Kept refreshing my screen whenever I had a chance!!! It's good to see you again Kou--even though I guess it's been less than 24 hours!
  11. Wow, that TIME OUT was did give me time to read everything that I have been missing or trying to learn some more!:yes:

    Welcome back everybody:yahoo:
  12. Ditto!!! I have been soooo antsy. I've been trying to distract myself by checking other parts of the forum and most likely driving others crazy.:P
  13. hi everyone!!! good to see u again!! it's back to business!!!
  14. I did a lot of house work :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  15. Kou--LOL!--I did the Beauty Bar for a bit today and ran into another H-subforum regular, but it didn't quite fulfill my need for an H fix! This is a serious addiction!