recent concerns with usps tracking system / seller who ship extreme slow

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  1. :P sorry, decided to be lazy and put two concerns into one post.

    1. I purchase delivery confirmation for all my packages. I have noticed recently as I ship my items the tracking does not get updated until a few days after. I first approached this issue by asking a nice clerk at the post office and was informed that delivery confirmation is only responsible for that last delivered scan and all scans prior are just "courtesy" and really wasn't required.

    But it has become more and more often that my item does not get scanned at all in my city, and many times buyers are concerned. don't know if this is a new policy cuz it was never the case even weeks earlier. I have also noticed this in the items I buy, Its a little annoying since now I don't know if its just not scanned or the seller only printed out the label and have not shipped :sad:

    2. I purchased a light weight sundress in which the seller charged $10 for standard shipping. I paid right after purchase and kindly asked if it can be priority mailed since it would be like a 2 dollar difference and its getting colder very fast. She only replied saying shes at a wedding for the weekend. two weeks passed, no contact at all and no replies to any of my messages. Ebay wouldn't let me open an item not received case since somehow the expected day of arrival was like 3 weeks after auction end (even though seller is in the US)

    I was going to just ask to cancel when I found out the item is marked shipped, but without any tracking updates (for a few days now) and the seller also left me feedback saying "good buyer very patient blah blah" I am just confused as heck since she still did not bother to reply to my messages...... and until now the tracking is still blank....I bought the item on 09/27.

    I don't even know if this is a problem worth getting mad about anymore. and I want to, but would feel guilty if I left her a negative feedback just for waiting too long and paying ridiculous standard shipping.

    don't you love that feeling of finally getting so much stuff done and being able to click on the purse forum, just to watch time magically disappear by the hours
  2. I'm having the same issue as you regarding my local Post Office not scanning my packages. I usually ship within 24 hours of payment and it reflects poorly on me when the first scan is 2 days later. Fortunately, I've only had one buyer within the past 6 months question if I had shipped her item 2 days after the sale and luckily she did receive the item on that very day.

    As for your second issue, 2-3 weeks with next to no communication is a long time to wait for a purchase! I assume this is within the same country? I'd be a bit irritated myself and probably send her a message requesting the tracking information.
  3. About the USPS tracking issue, I'm also running into problems with them. My package has been stuck in "Processing Sort Facility" at WI since yesterday, 3 hours away from my buyer's location! And it was SUPPOSED to be delivered yesterday too! Buyer did email me, and I told her to contact her post office about this delay. But I have a feeling she's too lazy to contact her post office/USPS CS about this problem. -_-

    The USPS CS lady I spoke to over the phone was super nice. She assured me that if it does not deliver by Monday, I can file a claim. I just hope my buyer doesn't throw a fit because her so-called daughter's "birthday present" didn't arrive in time. Sigh.

    I will never ship with USPS again. They suck.
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    I did message her many times all very polite, but she just hasn't responded to anything. That's why I feel so weird with her marking shipment and leaving feedback while the tracking is still blank. Also, on her profile it says she is from america.
  5. I was actually surprised when I just started selling and shipping with them last month, all my packages were delivered fast and on time, some first class actually arrived in 2 days. But I just feel like all of a sudden theres this loss of communication and a slower time until packages are delivered overall.

    Also, something weird happened today, my husband threw in a package for me around 4pm in the post office, and now its marked off the bat delivered at 5:30 without any previous scans. the buyer is from the same city, but still gets me wondering if its really delivered in one hour or did they just scan wrong........
  6. I think I would still send a politely worded email requesting the tracking information, even though she's ignored you thus far. It sounds like she has very poor communication.
    Just be sure to keep track of the passing days so that you do receive your sundress before the 45 days (Buyer Protection) expires.
  7. Gas prices are way up. I am betting they are making sure the trucks are full before they leave the sort facilities. The only guaranteed shipping is USPS Express.
  8. That happened to me once as a buyer. The post office accidentally did the wrong scan so it was marked as delivered in state seller lives (not where I live). Seller was aware of the mistake (probably ships a lot) so let me know and I gt it a few days later. USPS tracking was a but pointless in that case though
  9. My packages are taking longer than they used to. Whether I used first class or priority, it never took more than 3 days no matter how far away (in the US). I had a first class package take a full week to cross the country.

    I used to have the problem with them not being scanned until the day they were delivered but that isn't happening lately.

    I hate it when sellers don't upload tracking information. I need to know when to expect packages.

  10. How long are packages going to take when the holidays season is in full swing?
    The PO by my house is targeted to close, I think the USPS level service is bound to get down if those cuts are pursued nationwide.
  11. Delivery will be faster around the holidays. The trucks fill up faster and they want to keep stuff moving.
  12. They closed the PO near my house many years ago. I used to think that they had one for each zip code but that isn't the case. The other post offices that I have to travel to have horrible parking problems and the lines are extremely long. I hope I won't have to go there during the holidays.
  13. Cool, I am glad to hear that.:smile:
  14. that makes sense :sad: but it has nothing to do with not scanning tho, like whats the point of tracking if the only "supposedly required" scan was the last delivered scann.. IE I just sold an item and literally the only thing showing on the tracking was delivered.
  15. that is what worries me T-T not sure if she has a family emergency or just making time pass. still not shipped, sigh