Recent Coach email

  1. Did anyone else receive an email today from Coach?

    I normally don't open the emails, but I haven't been oggling the catalog.

    The email had the images of the old Scribble collection. ANd the disount promotion code, was from last MOther's Day it was actually dated expires 5/01/05.
  2. nope, thats weird.. error?
  3. Yes, I received an e-mail from Coach this morning. It was for the fall items.

  4. I just checked my email and the subject line is "New at Coach-Chelsea bags and accessories"
    But the actually email is a picture with the spring Scribble line. Then it says "your email program may not be flash compatible. Click below to view the animation" and "enhanced flash verison ->" on the maybe that's why we're seeing an old picture.

    Below that image is some Chelsea acessories...

  5. thank you that was weird
  6. I noticed that too this morning...sent it on to my two best friends with the subject "can you tell what's wrong with this email". Thought it was weird.