Recent Aquisitions

  1. Many of you saw my post of the drama of not getting that dior samouri, today I decide to count my blessing and post the pics of my recent aquistions.

    I couldnt resist also to put in a pic of all 3 lady diors side by side, the newest addition is that silver metallic lambskin one. Of course I also included my ONLY one in the US the fushcia dior lovely (goes great my holy grail of the shoes--manolo blaniks pink croc) and 60th anniversary dior earrings. All these items were bought recently except that blue lady dior and white east and west lady dior.

    While taking the photos, hubby said somethig really really sweet to me, he told he that seeing my getting all these stuff I love is his greatest drive to do better and make more money. He also said that this is to make up for the years that I stood by him when he barely had anything. That makes me really :crybaby: emo now. Love my DH

    So here are the pics of my new babies:heart: Oops, forgot to take photo of the limited edition D malice watch I got, will do that asap.
    01342.jpg 01361.jpg 01363.jpg 01365.jpg 01382.jpg
  2. I love your dior lovely bag...
  3. lovely collection. the shoes are gorgeous!
    yr hubby is really sweet *heart*

  4. aaaw wishing you and your hubby all the happiness in the world love love your collection...and the blahniks are TDF! :drool:
  5. All gorgeous and what a sweet thing for your DH to say:love:
  6. those are some very classy and fabulous new acquisitions there jeslyn! you have such wonderful taste and i particularly love the metallic lady dior and the gorgeous scarf. :drool:

    and wow, your husband is just absolutely sweet! and i think even without the alligator samurai, your collection is already brilliant! congrats!
  7. here are some modelling pics, pic 1 is LV's Lvoe shirt with $5 jeans and fendi shoes and metallic silver lady dior, pic 2 and 3 is dior simple black dress(I just got it in vegas) with manolo croc shoes and fuschia dior lovely.
    01388.jpg 01396.jpg 01402.jpg
  8. I love my hubby too =) thank you ladies for you sweet compliments, and to Zerodross that scarf is so pretty I have to yet use it, too scared of ruining it :p
  9. Everything is so beautiful!
  10. oh i covet the white. kitty JEALOUS
  11. lovely purchase & I loooove your Dior earrings. Cute puppy by the way.
  12. Wow that metallic lady dior is just stunning as is your fuchsia lovely :heart:
  13. wow, everything is so beautiful! :smile:
  14. I want that dress, girl...and your legs :graucho::drool:;)
  15. i second nat! you look HOTTTTTT in that dress with the colour-popping fuschia heels and bag, jeslyn! :drool:

    and heh, i know what you mean about scarves looking so delicate. i feel this little tinge whenever i knot a scarf, thinking about the zillions of creases i'm putting on it. :push: