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  1. The only way it looks a little larger is because east/west it doesn’t slouch much (yet). I’m guessing that’s because of the way the edges are formed. While I doubt it’ll ever achieve that really slouchy look I think with more use it’ll relax somewhat. Can anyone with a well broken in large Veneta comment on this?
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  2. It certainly will relax with use. I’ve found that any firmness that nappa and suede have when new and unhandled will disappear fairly quickly with use. What I did to reduce the wide east-west effect when mine was new was to put my usual stuff inside, push the center-zipper area down to expand the armhole opening, then simply use the bag. At first, I had to push that part down every time, but at this point, mine has been trained to take that shape when my stuff is put inside.

    Some here have suggested loading up the bag with soup cans and leaving it to hang, but I’ve never had to resort to that with any of my BVs (and I didn’t want to risk misshaping my bags that way, either).
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  3. Thanks for the info, she's already slouching nicely but I'm glad to hear that some of the east/west effect will lessen. I too am reluctant to resort to the soup can technique :lol:.
  4. Sold my ossidato rame cervo hobo as it felt like too much of a statement piece for me but loved the treatment, so found her little sister...
  5. Love this bag, if anyone's tired of their pekary cervo hobo in cigar I'd be happy to give her a good home :lol:...
  6. I was eyeing one of these, but I know I can’t maintain light colors! The Cigar one would be amazing!!!
  7. It's not as light as I thought it would be. The colour in the pic is pretty true.
  8. I have a Camel Veneta that has slight denim transfer, and it looks a little darker than this... one day, if and when I don’t wear jeans as much, I can start on the lighter bags again. I was thisclose to getting the one like this since I missed out on the Cigar. I’ve only ever seen it in the resale market a couple of times and of course they went fast since they’re so rare. I think that will be one of those that will stay a Unicorn on my long list of BV wants
  9. The cigar is on my list of bags to find but I agree, it'll be very tough. I'm not a fan of highly pigmented denim so my jeans get along fine with lighter bags!
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