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  1. You as well please, I’ll have to admire the Lauren from afar!
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  2. I'll definitely share when it finally lands in my 'clutches'.
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  3. Pretty! Much roomier than the Veneta, yes? That much I recall from I saw the cookie bag IRL years ago. Glad you love it!
  4. I've yet to own a Veneta but I did try a medium once in a consignment shop. Based on that memory I'd say yes, because of it's unique shape there's more depth at the base, and it actually will hold quite a bit. It's a very comfy bag to carry!
  5. My first Veneta...:heart:. Many many thanks to the lovely California tPFer for rehoming her to me!
  6. This is gorgeous!!!!
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  7. And in beautiful condition, I feel very fortunate!
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  8. Tourmaline is a stunning color, dark but still distinctively blue. The fact that it came from a very kind PFer makes this bag even more special to own. Congrats on your first Veneta!
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  9. Thank you, I agree on both points!
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  10. Love ️!
  11. So glad you love this bag. Tourmaline is one of my favorite colors. She looks lovely riding shotgun.
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  12. Thank you, it's such a rich and go with everything (at least in my wardrobe) colour!
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  13. Nice find! Is it a maxi, or a large? I have a large tourmaline Veneta that is one of my most-used bags. Initially, I wasn’t sure about the off-black color that tourmaline has, but I find it to be incredibly versatile. I got one of the last ones that was available in the classic handle style (which I prefer), and seeing your photo reminds me of mine.

    Enjoy it! Thanks for sharing your photo with us.
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  14. Thanks, it's a large...not that large actually compared to other bags I have, I don't know why I always thought a large Veneta would be huge...
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  15. +1