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  1. Thank you for enabling. For now, I need to remain focused on other BVs that I'm eyeing.
  2. Do tell...which ones? :graucho:
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  3. Lauren in Antique Silver.
    Atlantic Cervo Loop.
  4. Must save your pennies for the Lauren...:biggrin:. I can't recall seeing the cervo loop in Atlantic. Is it the large one? EDIT: Do you mean the newer style Loop with the metal rings? I just found that in Atlantic, very pretty indeed.
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  5. Indeed. I'm hoping it goes into the sale too. The medium for the Atlantic. IMG_20180727_103151.jpg
  6. Oh OK, so it is in fact the older one, that's the one I think of as the cervo Loop as well. Gorgeous colour in cervo! So that's the smaller size? I'd love to have one of those :heart:
  7. Yes, the smaller one. The larger cervo loop was not made in Atlantic though. I really like this size.
  8. Again, I'd like a couple more inches strap drop but I've only tried it on brand new. I'm sure it'll develop at least a bit of give strap drop-wise.
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  9. I didn't use my cervo baseball frequently enough to see whether the strap lengthens with use but did recall much older threads commenting that cervo does not stretch much. That was the deciding factor for me to try out the style as it meant the baseball will not hang too low on me with use.
  10. I think the strap on the baseball is too thick to stretch much. I'm thinking the thinner strap of the cervo Loop may give a bit more...
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  11. Ah, good point.
  12. The smaller Loop can afford to stretch a bit, it'll be easier to get into it if it does!
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  13. Yep, definitely. If Denim or Dark Barolo appeals to you, they are both available at the outlet at Livermore, California. Also, there is a discount of 25% going on but exceptions apply. So, you'll need to call and check prior.
  14. I'm hoping for a new steel at some point. I love Barolo but it's not a colour that works for me. I wouldn't turn down a denim :P but I have another purchase on the way so I need to rein in a little. But thanks for the intel!
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  15. Yep, you did mention before you like New Steel. I love Barolo too but in the Dark Barolo, I felt it was a tad too dark for me. Denim is lovely but I think Atlantic calls out to me more. Will love to see what you have on the way. Do keep us in the loop when it arrives.
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