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  1. 18B0443D-A8FC-4405-85DF-62F07BA9C3C8.jpeg I’ve mentioned the Tourmaline Garda and decided to get one before they were gone. There were only a few left in the US and I didn’t want to take the chance or not having one.

    And then DH bought me this beautiful New Light Grey Knot with Chain. It’s the larger size and it easily holds my phone and keys and the chain is super convenient. I like the way it fits in the hand too. I have written many times, I’m not a Knot girl but we’ve been doing more fancy stuff and I’ve alwsys liked this iconic peice.

    And finally, a surprise from the team at the Carmel boutique. I got a cryptic note about what color did I like and then a delivery. I’m very moved.
  2. Congratulations on your new additions! I know how much you like your Tourmaline Veneta and the Bella style so this Tourmaline Bella is the best of both worlds, so to speak.

    That NLG Knot is so elegant and the neutral color and sheen makes it perfect for dressier events.

    What a lovely personalised gift from the Carmel team too! Is the keychain in China Red?
  3. Oh wow so gorgeous! The colors are so elegant. And they look so nice arranged together.

    What a lovely gift from the Carmel folks! (Slightly jealous haha)
  4. Lovely items, and what a kind gesture from the team at Carmel! You've posted in the past about how nice the Garda/Bella can be for travel. I'm glad you got one in this lovely color. And that new larger size Knot seems perfect for dressy events when you want to carry something sleek and easier to tote about than, well, a tote!
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  5. #5 Sep 10, 2018
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    Here’s the detail of the chain. You just flip the little thingies up and the chain is out. Put them down and the chain stays in the clutch.
  6. oh, what a haul!!! :loveeyes:
    all is so beautiful!! Love the pop of colour on the key chain! :tup:
    Enjoy! :drinks:
  7. G such a great wonderful gorgeous acquisition
    I love the Garda or the Bella as I always call it
    Such a fantastic bag
    You can dress it up or dress it down
    The knot bag is TDF
    The color is exquisite and I love the chain
    Makes it so easy to carry at cocktail parties when you have a drink in your hand
    Wear and use them in good health
    That is some spectacular hubby you have

    And what did they send you???? Do tell
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  8. Beautiful Grietje. What size is your phone? Will IPhone X fit easily?
  9. We are bag twins for the Garda! With the exact color and size! I bought mine 3 years ago at NMs.. 70% off
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  10. Lovely

    And so clever with the chain.
  11. Congrats Grietje. :flowers:
    All of the pieces are just lovely.
    NLG is a great colour for a Knot.
  12. All wonderful but especially that knot. Wow!! And with a chain!
  13. Thanks so much ladies!

    I have a six. I’ll try DH’s X and report back.

    Lucky you! I paid full retail. Still worth it though.
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  14. Love!!!
  15. Congrats Grietje!!! As you know I love Garda - tourmaline is a great color. The knot is really wonderful.... lovely elegant shade!