Recent Acquisitions

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  1. Sorry no huge reveals, just the stuff I've picked up in the last month or so.....

    Ebay.... $69

    Dillards.... $97 Each



    Dillards.... $13.30
  2. wow!!!
    great stuff!!!!!
    love the cupcake
  3. great! I :heart: the cupcake!

    Happy Valentines Day!
  4. Holy sh*t! LOL You got those Glam Totes, especially that tartan one, for $97???? You just posted The deal of the Month!!! Congrats - enjoy them all.
  5. Shazam! Great haul. I wish my department stores sold fobs and scarves.
  6. Those are awesome! I've been searching high and low for the hurts my heart that I cannot find it :girlsigh: but I will continue on my quest! :smile:
  7. I want your Dillards! Mine is awful!!!!
  8. LOVE that cupcake fob!
  9. Wow, AWESOME deals!!! Can't believe you got the totes for $97!!!! Love the cupcake fob. My Dillards doesn't even sell fobs!

    Lucky you!
  10. Great and great prices Toonces!
  11. My Dillards is so pitiful! Lucky you!!!!! Love all your fantastic buys!
  12. Oh what got some really cute stuff...way to go!! :smile: Loving the cupcake!!
  13. Very nice! Poppy overload haha, congrats!
  14. Wow you really scored with that tartan tote. I thought all those got sold out a long time ago.
  15. Amazing deals! Congrats!