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  1. Hello fellow PF'ers!
    I finally received my new car! It was delivered from Newport Beach today at like 4:00 in the afternoon. My new baby is a 2007 Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG in special order color Cherry Red. My dad had it delivered to my boyfriends house without me knowing. So imagine my suprise when I go over to my boyfriends house and find my baby parked in the driveway. I immediately call my boyfriend and ask him "what is this car doing out here" and he was like oh yeah it's what you have been waiting for. I LOVE my car! :biggrin::love:

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  2. That car is beautiful.....lucky, lucky you!!
  3. omg gorgeous car!!! u're so lucky!!!
  4. Beautiful car!!! LUCKY YOU!!
  5. omg! we are slk55 sisters! i just got mine last saturday! the red sure is snazzy! i got mine in alabaster white. enjoy driving, i haven't been able to stop! lol

    here is mine (i got new wheels and springs) at our local car show this past wekeend. :flowers:

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  6. wow, what a gorgeous car! congratulations!
  7. Wow! You're so lucky. What a great dad. congrats and have fun driving it.
  8. DAMMMMMMNNNNNNNN! Congratulations to both of you.
  9. Lucky girl! Congrats it's a beautiful car!

    blushingbaby - love your car too, I'm sure there aren't too many like it in Calgary.
  10. I saw those same pictures on a few months ago...:sneaky:

    Did you buy it from this person?
  11. Elle, how nice of you to come back for this thread! ;)
    I can't view the pics there though{?}
  12. Like how it works here, you'd have to be a member to see the pics. I guess if someone really cared, they'd join and see.
  13. hmmm, don't want to join just to see :sad:
    I catch your drift though.
  14. :blink:

    yikes! those clearly aren't your pics, b/c the member of benzworld posted them in december...

    well i hope you are telling the truth lila b/c it truly is a wonderful and gorgeous car...:hrmm: and i don't know why you feel you have to start another lie...
  15. thanks so much! yah i was told by our salesman that i have the only one in white in far! i wanna keep it that way! :graucho:

    i have been driving everywhere and anytime i can! my bf has barely gotten the chance to take her for a spin, unless i'm in bed sleeping! :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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