Recent Acquirements Part One

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  1. Hi All,

    As promised, pictures of the recently acquired Birk Birk and Kel Kel together with various little bits and pieces I requested my dh to pick up for me during his trip to the UK.

    Sorry, my first attempt to upload and post pictures.

    Black Patent Cork Wedges


    Oversized Cotton Horsebit Scarf


    Giant Nova Check Cashmere Scarf
    Chain/Leather Belt


    Pigase 60
    Passport Sized Wallet (Forgot Proper Name)


    Classic Single Strand Pearls Gold Tone

  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Um, can I borrow your DH for, like, a minute? LOL!!

    Gorgeous things!
  3. Great loot!
  4. WOW!!!
    Your DH is pretty good at shopping for you!!
  5. i like your chinese vases!
  6. ^Cheers HC - I have collected them over various years of my travels around Asia. Searching through old antiques shops in provinces of the various countries I visited. They are a remembrance of my early teenage years. Kinda like the H bags I now plan to collect!

    Shikes, have to stop sounding so ancient..I think its the fear of turning the BIG 31 in a few weeks. YIKES!
  7. Dear Ms. Chanella:

    What a WONDERFUL DH!!!!!!!!! He's a 'KEEPER'.

    Great selections and CONGRAT!!!
  8. Gorgeous treats!!
  9. Me too! LOL

    Are they antiques (dynasty?) or are they modern?
  10. ^Various Antiques collected since I started earning my own buck. My mother started me at a very young age appreciating their meaning and timelessness. Love to get my hands on some of her pieces and nest them at my humble abode. However, five other sisters in line before (im the youngest), just like her Chanel suits.

    Love mixing the old with the new. Distinctive Modern European Classic Furniture with Ancient Oriental Ornamental Antiques.
  11. your DH must be a gem....what great things for you!!
  12. Everything is stunning!
  13. chanella--Beautiful haul!! :smile: Your hubby is a keeper for sure. :smile:
    Congrats on everything!!!! :smile:
  14. Wow, how many more threads are there? LOL. What a great haul, and everything at once! Yahoo!
  15. WOW chanella what can I say, fabulous goodies & DH
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.