Receiving rude emails from other ebayers

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  1. #1 Aug 16, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    Has anyone ever received nasty emails from other just because for really no apparent reason? I recently received some recently. Example:

    Telling me that the item is really worth 2.00 and why I am asking BIN for 12.95. After paying all the fees, I'll be lucky if I made 5.00 for my trouble.

    Telling me that I charge too much for shipping. I ship from Canada and postage is quite expensive. I generally mark 1 shipping quote for all of Canada and US. Sometimes I may even loose money on this one depending where it's going. So, what if it the actual cost is 3.00 more than I quoted.

    Telling me that she saw the same Balenciaga purse on sale for 500.00 and that I am scamming people by asking for 900.00 (which isn't true because I paid 1095.00 CDN + 15% taxes).

    I don't understand why some people are just so mean and harrases others for no reason. I mean if you don't like my auction, don't buy from me but I find it is getting ridiculous.

    Has anyone experienced this?
  2. Fortunately I haven't, but I'm sorry that you've experienced this kind of harassment. I wouldn't bother to respond to them.
  3. I had another ebayer send me an email after I outbid them and won a toddler outfit. They said they bet my kid would look fat and ugly in it. Yeesh!
  4. :wtf: What is wrong with people?! :tdown:
  5. juniormint..for real?! OMG. so immature, i hope you reported them to ebay for that nonsense.

    to the OP, i'm sorry you are getting emails. I hope you just delete them and report them to ebay or block them from bidding.
  6. Wow. I've never heard of this happening before. I tell ya, people's horrible behavior continue to shock and bewilder me. Why can't we all just get along and respect each other! Like balihai88 "Live Aloha"
  7. Yup, I didn't bother reporting them, but I sure was tempted to do a search to see what else they were bidding on and outbid them just to tick them off! However, since this person seemed like a real crazy, I held myself back.
  8. juniormint..better off. they do sound insane. and to think they have a kid, since they are buying kids clothes. nice role model. LMAO not.
  9. They're not allowed to do that; well in juniormint's case at least. It's against bay's rules. Some people are just...impossible. fantastic_3, just ignore them and make sure to add them to your block list because they'll likely leave you negative for "excessive shipping" if they win your item. :rolleyes:
  10. I'm afraid there are a lot folks out there with WAY too much time on their hands...most of us wouldn't bother to take the time over something so silly...just brush it off and move on.

    There was a time I had a bunch of kate spades up for auction, this was about 8 years ago when her basket bags were so hot. I got them on clearance at saks and bloomies specifically to resell on ebay, and a few of them were missing tags and I got an email from someone saying they were fake or used or whatever. I was upset, but after thinking about it, who cares? You don't know those losers. Just ignore them:smile:
  11. I think some people are just so miserable that in some messed up way doing things like that somehow makes them feel better about themselves. The same people do this outside of eBay too. They are just miserable people that have nothing better to do.
  12. I totally agree with you. I also post on kijiji which is a free local site (like craigslist) and some of the stuff these weirdos write to me is just insane. Profanity and eveything.

    As much as I would like to respond, I just held back and just delete them. Why stoop to their level. They are obviously mentally ill.

    One stupid lady??? email id is something like and signs off as bad karma.

    There are so many messed up people in this world, how sad for them.

  13. WOW!!!!! It sure must suck to be them, they sound miserable. How disgusting are some people?????
    I once had a lady e-mail me (We were selling the same pair of jeans, mine were a $9.99 opening bid, hers were a $27.99 opening bid!) saying I had stolen her photo. I asked her what made her think that it was HER photo? and that she needs to watermark her pics if she is so worried about it. I informed her that it is very easy to do and only takes a few moments.
    So, I watermarked my photo and again she e-mailed me that I was in violation of the law and that she would "turn me in" if I didn't remove my listing.
    I then took another photo of my jeans pocket with a piece of paper that had my seller ID hand written on it. She again e-mailed me that she was trying to resolve it amicably but that since I wouldn't comply with her wishes that she was going to report me. By this time I had had enough and I told her, "Do what you have to do but leave me the "effff" ALONE!!!!"
    I successfully sold me jeans, she did not and I never heard from her again!
  14. Oh gosh! Years ago some loser emailed me a nasty message after I outbid him on an antique typewriter. Said I was a pox upon ebay, the sort of person who makes ebay a dangerous place, and because of me his poor, suffering niece was going to have a difficult time getting through school. Um, sure guy. I just hit Delete.
  15. That's really all you can do when people do this kind of crazy stuff.. move on and ignore it. They desperately want/need attention or a response, so don't give them the satisfaction.