Receiving garbage gifts from the same people

  1. Every year, there are the same few people that likes to exchange gifts and never fails that these gifts are either from a liquidation bin, second hand, damaged, etc. Totally useless garbage that I put in the trash can as soon I they leave or when I get home! However, we do sometimes get a good laugh out of it because it is so pathetic. It is common knowledge that these same people are known to be cheap. What kills me is that I spend money on giving them back gifts that are decent. As much as I would like to give them back garbage gifts, I would feel too embarrass to do so. I have given so many hints to them about not exchanging gifts but I guess it is forgotten when the next year comes. Just dreading what crap I will be getting this year.
  2. ^ Agree! It's almost like some of them know you'll give them a nice gift either way, so they don't bother to spend the time or money on yours.

    I have come to accept that a few of my friends are horrible gift givers, so a couple of years ago I suggested we all go out to a nice dinner instead of exchanging gifts. Somehow people are more comfortable parting with their money when they benefit from it haha. We got to spend some great quality time together and I appreciated it much more than their gifts! Plus, they ended up saving money! Instead of buying 6 of us $10 thoughtless gifts that we'd end up throwing away, everyone spent $40 on a nice dinner. I found it to be a very nice alternative!
  3. Looks like fruitcake for everyone this year! That I'll teach 'em.
  4. That's a great idea! Too late for me to try this year, but maybe next!
  5. You know what I hate getting? Stuffed animals, stationary, and notebooks. I don't know why people keep getting that stuff for me. I despise stuffed animals. Some people are just bad gift givers. I accept it graciously but on the inside, I'm wondering "What the heck am I going to do with this?"
  6. Ugh, for the longest time, my friend got me nothing but bath sets. I can only use so many of those!
    And someone else I know was always giving me nail care kits...but I get my nails done at a salon so....
  7. Not everyone has taste or is a great gift giver. I do find it inappropriate to complain about gifts in general, however.
  8. I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one.

    With the exception of just plain crap like used or damaged presents with the intention to save the giver money, I think gifts are gifts. So many people see gifts as things that must always be practical for them or fit their areas of interest. I thought the purpose of gift-giving is to show someone you appreciate them by giving them something they can remember you by, usually of sentimental value rather than monetary. I guess in this day and age, things have changed.
  9. Yeah no kidding. Thank you! So much for the holiday spirit. I guess next time just tell the person what they should get you because god forbid you don't like the present OR maybe how about tell them not to get you anything since you don't appreciate someone went out of their way to even get you a present. Happy Holidays.
  10. ^ I thoroughly enjoyed reading that.
  11. words of wisdom. :tup:
  12. I agree with this in principle. However, I can say I was not overly thrilled the year I received a half burned tealight in a used holder. Just how "out of the way" and how much thought went into that gift??
  13. :tup:

    I hate that this holiday makes ppl lose sight of what's important: friendship. That's what you should be thankful for, not whether or not you got a "good" gift.
  14. I think as long as the person put thought into it, there's no need to complain if you don't like the gift. And I would never complain about a gift to anyone- I always graciously accept them and thank them. But when someone picks you up something last minute that obviously had no thought behind it, that's not the holiday spirit either.
  15. ^ Adding to my post- one of my closest friends always gives me scented bath sets even though I'm allergic to anything with perfume smells (and she knows it!), she didn't put any thought into that! She always says "Sorry, but I couldn't afford anything else." It's not about the money- just put some thought behind it! I don't know- get me AA batteries for my camera because you noticed mine always die when we're out, or get me a spare dog leash since you know I can never find my dog's when I need it. Something, anything that requires you to think about me!

    A few of my friends don't put any thought behind gifts and write it off as "I just can't afford it", so, as I said, we go to dinner or do something special to celebrate our friendships instead of exchanging gifts.