Receiving emails from subscribed threads

  1. I like to subscribe to certain threads that I start or participate heavily in so I know when a reply has been posted, but recently I've noticed that I don't receive emails from tPF about updated threads. I usually choose either the "Notify me immediately" or "Daily Digests" options, but I don't receive any emails at all and I find that the thread has actually been replied to. Has this feature been disabled? Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. i haven't gotten my email notifications in weeks. vlad was looking into it, i thought?
  3. I still get email notifications. I actually need to know how to disable them since I am to lazy to clean up my email.
  4. i think that's a common problem. i sometimes get them and sometimes not...
  5. Help! I am subscribed to 4 tpf threads. Since 9-4-09, I am only receiving daily emails for 3 of them! I did not change anything and I tried re-subscribing to the thread is not sending email notifications. I have tired the contact tpf link at the bottom of the page, I have tried PM's the mod of the forum.

    I am fairly certain the problem is not on my end (as I DO get the other 3 thread emails daily).

    I have searched all over tpf and finally found this thread - tho it is more than 2 years old!

    HELP!!!!! I am very frustrated!
  6. Vlad would be the person to contact about this. I am sure he has been very busy. But once he has the chance to, he will look into it.
  7. Are you sure that the 4th subscribed thread has gotten new responses?
  8. The 4th thread is the Hayden Harnett thread, so yeah. I'm sure it's had new responses.:p
  9. The easiest thing to do is subscribe to a thread, then when you come to tPF click Control Panel (top left). Every thread you've subscribed to that has a new answer will show in a list.
  10. Well, yes. The problem is that I have been receiving daily emails for quite some time (more than a year) and suddenly stopped receiving them for just one of the forums. And it's a VERY active place so I know there are new threads all the time.

    It's a puzzlement.....
  11. did you try changing your e-mail addy temporarily as I suggested?
  12. Hi. i am desperately trying to subscribe to threads i enjoy. how do i subscribe to threads in the clubhouse please??
  13. Yep, I did Swanky. No joy there! Our IT guy says he will have time to look into it next week - he's now intrigued - which means if it's on my end, he'll keep working on it until he's figured it out. Professional pride, i guess!