receiving box with purchase, shouldn't it be automatic?

  1. When I purchased an LV all by myself I was really too excited to notice the packaging.

    I got home and didn't realize I didn't get a box until my mom asked me where it was.

    Apparently, she gets one whenever she purchases and doesn't even have to ask.

    The SA didn't ask me if I wanted a box either.

    It's pretty rude. Do the SA's discriminate against age or something?
  2. same thing happened when i went on my own to by LV for the first time. i think SAs can tell if you look kinda awe struck w/your bag that your kinda new to this and dont bother. i always ask now.
  3. sometimes they don't give boxes unless you ask
  4. Perhaps the s/a knows your mother and knows she likes the gift box. I wasnt asked when i got my mini lin if i'd like a gift box. In fact when i called back the next day to ensure my fax was there I asked for one.
  5. I think some SAs are just lazy about giving out boxes. When I purchase from my regular store, I always get a box without having to ask. But, recently I bought a pomme inclusion bracelet at Rodeo Dr. and the SA (he wasn't even in a uniform - just wearing a long sleeve white shirt) gave me just a bag. I looked inside and saw the bracelet without a box, so I asked for it. He went back to get it and just handed the box to me instead of taking my shopping bag and putting the bracelet into the box. Not very good customer service!!!
  6. For some insanely stupid reason, the SA's seem to be pretty protective of LV boxes. One time I bought a replacement strap for my pochette at Saks in Troy, MI. The associate helping me was so nice and put it in a cute little box without me asking. As she was putting it in the bag, another SA came up beside her and said to both of us, "She doesn't get a box when she only purchases a strap." At that point I had the bag in my hand, I looked at the rude SA and said, "Don't worry, I'm not keeping it, I'm going to throw it in the trash when I get home." She gave me a nasty look and said, "Well then you won't mind giving it back." I said, "Yes, I would," and walked away. I couldn't believe how rude she was! And FYI, I would NEVER throw away an LV box. I just wanted to make her mad.

  7. LOL!! that was a good one! What a jerky SA!

    i think that when purchasing something NICE like LV..whatever is it..even if its a little keychain...NOT coming with a box just makes it seem NO SO SPECIAL..KWIM?!

    I can't imagine buying a bag or elegant accessories and it being thrown into a bag with no box. I love to keep my items in boxes when not in use anyways!

  8. btw, it also depends on the SA. I have a favorite SA ( at Fashion Island-Neiman Marcus LV) I sometimes buy 2nd hand LV items and like to use boxes to keep them in. I asked her to slip me an extra box one time and she had no problem with it. Wish I could ask for more but then that would be pushing it! lol
  9. that happened to me too! i bought a bandeau and they were about to hand it to me in some wadded up tissue. so i asked for a box. she put it in a box in a bag. i went downstairs to check out other things and took it out to show the SAs and there was no tissue- just the scarf in a box. so she said she would put tissue in it for me. takes the whole thing, goes to the back and comes back with just the box. i was like, um hello? can i have the bag back. lol. maybe it was just because it was the end of the day...
  10. depends on the item, I have read that larger items don't come in boxes - like the Keepall, which I am having delivered today....can't wait!!!
  11. I ask for a box or else Sa won't give me one.
  12. Wow! How rude, I got a box with my strap no questions asked!

    I think if you are not offered a box you should ask.
  13. Wow! That was really rude of the SA!!! If you purchase ANYTHING from LV, you should get a box! (I hope you really did keep that box!!! LOL) I've bought straps before from my SA and she's always given me a box. The only time I didn't get a box is when I bought my Carryall - my SA placed it in the shopping bag. When I asked about a box, she said that she had a super large box that wouldn't fit in a shopping bag - she showed it to me and I decided that the box wasn't necessary.
  14. I guess this is an American LV policy, because all my European LV purchases came with a box and a dust-cover.
  15. Well, I think they should always ask. There is no reason to give boxes to someone who doesn't want one....but they should always ask.