receiving bills for something you didn't order?

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  1. Ok, a couple of days ago i picked up some mail from my parents house and there was a bill for 7 issues of some magazine subscription, and the first magazine already delivered! i freaked out and called the company to let them know i never placed this order, and to see how it got placed in the first place.

    the customer service rep said that it was placed using one of my email addresses at a website called and he cancelled the order..

    Now i'm totally freaked out.. since somehow using my email address, and my home address.. i was receiving this subscription and bill... I'm not sure what is going on.. does anyone have any idea? I don't know if it's just random solicitation that went too far..or if i'm dealing with something greater..

    that email address is not really in use by me, and i never gave the password out. i also don't ever shop at that website..and i'm getting really paranoid!! Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Yikes! That's not good!
  3. Maybe you got hacked.
  4. Maybe someone you know has done it - have you p**d someone off lately?
  5. no.. i don't think anyone i know would do that.. i'm just afraid of identity theft or something crazy like that. I've changed all my passwords since i hadn't done that in years.. my husband thinks i may have signed up for something and this offer was some how tagged on to the hypothetical site/offer .. and that's how i got it.. but i'm pretty sure that hasn't happened either...

  6. I've seen "free" subscription offers tacked onto online orders (can't remember what site) so it's possible that that's how they got your email and home addresses. If this wasn't the case, I think changing your password was smart. I'd keep a close eye on your credit card statements and bank statements, just in case.