Received wrong authenticity card!?!


Kitten in Chanel
Dec 16, 2007
So I have had my one of my Chanel for years and now I am making a look book of all my bags and wanted to place the authenticity cards with them. I bought it in new york at Saks Chanel a couple years ago while I was in college.

Now I have figured out that one of my Chanels has the wrong authenticity card.

My Chanel is from the 10 series and this is a 9 series.

I am wondering what I should do or if Chanel has ever issued authenticity cards before if you do have the wrong one. I remember seeing the same authenticity card when I bought it and never checked again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I know in Ebay it is better to have the card if I ever wanted to resell, which is not the case at the current time, but with the price increases, who knows....

Thanks in advance!


May 1, 2006
If the card is lost I don't think there is anything you can do about it. If you have the box, dustbag and receipt not having the card should not be a major problem. Even if you don't have the receipt and the bag can be authenticated, as the ladies on this forum do, it should not be a major problem. :heart:H


Jan 3, 2007
Los Angeles California
Not having an authenticity card doesn't stop me from buying a genuine bag. Buyers who are meticulous about having all the accessories may care. Besides they do make fake cards. Just document in your look book all the info you have and/or know.


Feb 7, 2008
Someone on ebay received the wrong authenticity card from one of their bags, and had it up on ebay just in case someone had the bag with the matching hologram. I came across that the other day, but can't seem to find the auction now. it's kind of scary, I'm sure some replica seller bought it ? hopefully not.

On a different note, I don't think you can get the card from Chanel.

People buy bags all the time without the cards, don't worry!


May 11, 2006
Greater NYC area
The hologram is the most important thing but its nice to have the card. I know there isnt anything they can do about a wrong card. And FYI, they do have fake authenticity cards too. They usually have a rainbow hue on the rim in pics.