Received the wrong bag...

  1. After a lengthy wait and a hefty customs charge, I was very pleased to have finally received the package containing what I thought was going to be an Elephant colour Chloe Elvire bag that I bought on eBay a few weeks ago. To my horror when I opened the package it contained a horrible stiff tan coloured Prada handbag :wtf:.

    I emailed the seller straight away and am waiting for a response, but I'm very, very upset about this, especially as I paid a £50 customs charge on top of the shipping cost on top of the price of the bag (which wasn't cheap).

    I'm not sure what I want to do about this :confused1:. I've got no intention of paying a second set of shipping costs to have the right bag sent on, but that said, I wonder where my Elvire is ? If it's been sent in error to someone else, I assume they would have reported this to the seller, unless my bag is nicer than the one they originally bought and they've decided to keep it. I've also got no intention of shouldering the cost of shipping the horrible Prada bag back to the seller.

    The seller has great feedback and I've got no reason to assume that she isn't an honest person, so hopefully this mess can be sorted out quickly and to my satisfaction. If there is any problem though I did pay using PayPal, so I can file a claim to them. Maybe it would be best to ask for a full refund and draw a line under this transaction entirely, but I'll still be £50 out of pocket for no reason:cursing:. If anybody has any thoughts or advice about this, please fire away....
  2. Did the seller also have an auction for that bag the prada bag that ended around the same time as your auction?

    When I have a lot of things to ship I always get a bit freaked out that I am going to send the wrong bag to someone -- haven't done it yet, knock wood.

    It could be an innocent -- but costly -- mistake for the seller. Wait until she responds. I would also immediately open a dispute with eBay and PayPal.
  3. I'm sure the seller will take care of her mistake.

    I do have to say though that you're not really out the customs charge as it would have been charged if you got the correct bag as well.

    I don't know if you can get a refund for that so you don't have to pay customs again when the correct bag arrives. If customs doesn't refund the seller should be responsible if you get charged again. You definitely should not have to pay customs charges twice.
  4. Well I've just heard back from the seller and she swears blind that she knows nothing about the Prada bag and did send me the correct Chloe bag that I bought from her.
    I just can't understand this because the package containing the wrong bag had all her details on it ( address, phone number, tracking details etc) and it did not look like it had been opened.

    I think I have been the victim of a horrible fraud. The seller claims that customs must have switched the bag, but have you ever heard of anything like this ?I find it quite difficult to believe, but the sellers feedback is all good and she seems genuinely shocked by what has happened. I think I've got no choice but to start both a PayPal & eBay claim...I just hope I'm not going to end up losing all that money :crybaby:

  5. I beg to differ - she has paid customs duties and VAT on a bag she didn't order and that she won't keep.

    Therefore, if she doesn't claim it back, she will be left, unfairly, out of pocket on a bag she no longer has.

    BTW, Tag, I've replied to you on your thread in the Chloe forum. :smile:
  6. What a shock and huge let down to open that package and find a bag totally different from what you ordered. By all means open a Paypal and Ebay dispute immediately especially since the seller claims there was no switcherroo on her part. If you paid with a credit card, and I hope you did, also notifiy your credit card company immediately. Also ask them all what to do about recouping those custom fees since you did not get the merchandise you ordered. I'm rooting for you!!!
  7. This makes no sense at all - if the correct bag started out in the parcel that means that a postal employee or customs official has been lying in wait with a tan Prada bag looking for an Elvire bag to come through to pull a switch. Plus, I don't know about UK customs but if Canadian customs does an inpsection, there is a note on the parcel. This is a claim you should win.
  8. :tup:Thanks to the superb detective work from two of the girls in the Chloe forum, I now know that this seller is a scammer. She's actually listed the horrible Prada bag that she claims to have no knowledge about, not once but TWICE on eBay. Here's the link to it:

    Absolutely unbelievable isn't it ? What did she think I was going to do when I received the Prada bag ? I am absolutely FURIOUS :cursing: but hopefully I have enough ammunition now to obtain a full refund via PayPal.
    Thank you SO much to everyone who has responded to my original post - thank goodness for TPF:tpfrox:
  9. ....and here's the response I got from this woman when I emailed her to let her know that I'd received the Prada bag instead of the Chloe one I'd purchased...I just don't know how anyone could behave like just beggars belief, doesn't it ?

    Dear tilly1404,

    I have never had so many problems with a shipment! I DID NOT send you a tan Prada bag. I definitely sent you the Chloe bag that I sold you. I never had a rectangular Tan Prada bag from anyone. Look at the Express Mail labels on the top of the box. Does it match up to the numbers I gave you? Customs definitely did a switch or got the boxes confused. This is absolutely crazy. Do not send me back a Tan Prada bag because that is not what I sent you and it does not belong to me. Let customs know that this is not the handbag that was sent to you. Please get back with me ASAP. Thanks.

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]- pokernut42[/FONT]
  10. ...and just to add insult to injury, here's the follow-up email I got from her...

    I am POSITIVE that I sent you the correct Chloe bag. I have never made an incorrect shipment and I know I did not in this case. I will investigate from my end at the post office. But please look again at the Express Mail numbers on the package and see if they match up to what I gave you. Do not send me back the Prada bag that does not belong to me. It will just incur more costs for no reason. Thank you.

    Sorry, my head is reeling from this experience:push::crybaby: and I just had to share the full picture with you all.
  11. ...and finally here's her response to the email where I told her I knew she'd tried to twice sell the Prada bag she denied all knowledge of...

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]I have been working on this all day and this is what I think happened. I brought three handbags to the UPS store for packing. I did not ship the handbags at the UPS store because it is too expensive to ship UPS overseas so I just had them packed there and sent at the post office. They were supposed to put two handbags in one box which was sent to California and your bag, the Chloe, in another box. I think they put your Chloe and another handbag in the box to California and put the Prada bag by itself which was sent to you. They pack it in the back of the store so you cannot actually see them packing. I just spend an hour at the post office recalling the box sent to California. The strange part is that person was left a notice of attempted delivery but never picked up the package (10 days later) so they still have it at the post office in California. I am hoping that your bag is in that box. If not, I will be very surprised. If you do not mind, I want to wait and get the package back from California. If your bag is in it, I will give you the option of either a refund or ship it to you, of course, at my expense and refund you for all your losses. Whew! Thanks for understanding.[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif][FONT=arial, sans-serif]- pokernut42[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]This still makes no sense to me and I have asked for a full refund NOW. Here's a pic of the bag she sent me, just so you all know it's not me that's going crazy[/FONT]
    prada bag resize.jpg
  12. what a full of bs scammer !!!! :cursing:now she recalls perfectly what Prada bag it could have been! I would file a claim with Paypal send her the bag back and skip receiving the Chloe bag completely! who knows what she would send you the next time...good luck with getting your moeny back hun! :flowers:
  13. BTW save all your emails and tell her that when customs opens a box in your country they mark them and let you know. Also if you wieght the prada bag in the box you can see is the same weight printed at the package. All her emails will help you with the paypal claim. Not sure how they do it but take a picture (shot) of her messages and save them all in a folder. You can take a picture of the bag you received with your ebay ID next to it and send it to paypal along with her listing # of the same bag.
  14. Yup, you're right. There's no way I would take a risk on being sent the Chloe bag. To me the Prada one looks like a fake anyway (it doesn't even remotely smell like leather either), so even if I did receive the Chloe bag, there's no knowing whether it would have been authentic or not. I've already filed a claim with PayPal, just hope there won't be any problem in getting my money back that way as this is the first time I've ever had to do this (and it'll be the last time too...I'm NEVER EVER going to buy a designer bag on eBay again).