Received the violet crinkle patent havana hobo & trophy!!

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  1. Okay ladies--I have never even bought a Hayden purse before but I fell in love with the color of the Violet crinkle patent and had to see it in person! I was concerned about the plastic feel but at this price thought surely it won't feel plastic-like.

    The concensus is..the bag is a very nice patent smooshy as patent can get (given it is patent..after all). BUT--very HEAVY!! The Trophy is--well-a pretty big bag--but I mean HEAVY!!:wtf: I don't have anything in it but Centro phone, wallet, cosmetic case and keys and I feel like I am lifting weights! I wish I had a scale so I could tell you all the weight of this thing! Docs would not be happy with this one. :tdown:
    LOVE:heart: the color and style though--VERY NICE, very pretty.

    The hobo is heavy too but not as bad as Trophy. Someone will have to tell me how to download/upload pics so people can see IRL but I cannot do it until tomorrow.:confused1:
  2. OK, I am dying to see this!
    I PM'ed you about how to do the pix.
    I don't understand why this is so heavy! Both my Havanas are so lightweight; of course, I don't have a patent one (yet) but maybe there is something different about the construction of these that might make them heavier (?), because my regular leather Havanas are super light!
    I am so sorry; what a disappointment...

    ...Are you going to keep it & deal with the weight because it is so beauty-ful, or send it back?
    It is such an absolutely gorgeous bag!!!!
  3. oh please post pics! I'm dying to see that violet crinkle havana:drool:
  4. lucky duck!

    sad about the weight. I have an Aaneta bag that is so rediculously heavy, but I love it so much I just deal with the pain. My mother thinks I'm insane. Sometimes I think the same.
  5. I will get to this today--not sure when but as soon as i get a few things done for work I will try to post both so you all can see them IRL--thanks for your patience:tup:
  6. CAN.NOT.WAIT. Am i going to have to come over there and do it for you? LOL.
  7. #8 Aug 19, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2008
    i can totally relate with the heaviness of some of hh's bags. i have 2 beatrice satchels and they're both ugh heavy!!
  8. TRYING TO POST PICS--Can someone let me know how to size these down?? The files are too big--I have tried everything but no luck:sad:
    I used my resize feature on the camera software but it isn't working either!:confused1:
  9. try!
  10. Thanks Jandelvis--great tip.:tup: Here goes...

    Let me add--the hobo is not what I would consider a heavy bag. Must be all the construction of the Trophy. I do love the looks of the Trophy though but it is big and heavy:sad:

    Attached Files:

  11. Pocket of Trophy--accurate color--kinda raspberry/purple gorgeous color-no doubt!:yahoo:

    Attached Files:

  12. :wtf::drool::wtf::drool::wtf::drool::wtf::drool: pretty......

    thanks for sharing!
  13. OMG Both bags are stunning... :drool: Enjoy!

    (Deleted part where I thought you said the havana was heavy.. I see now I misunderstood your post)
  14. Wow, that color is absolutely luscious! Sorry to hear that the Trophy is so heavy. Nice looking bag though. And of course the Havana is gorgeous! Modeling pics possible? :smile: