Received the GH Sandstone Day today from BalNY pics!

  1. I called Kim yesterday for a GH Sandstone Day and received it this morning! It's already been to dinner and received many compliments on its first night :smile:

    I LOVE this bag, but was quite shocked when I received it because it was really overcast today so the bag looked like a dark grey color...but I shined a light on it and took it out in natural light and it was just gorgeous with the GH. My bf said the bag has already "grown on him." :p He is actually one of the few males who really appreciates handbags and understands the need to have them because all the women in his family love bags. The first time we met, he actually ran off with my Fendi baguette to catch my attention!

    Kim is always the sweetest and she told me that the current BalNY sandstone batch it much darker than normal. She also told me that some of the sandstone batches are really light and look more "plasticy" so there is a lot of variation in the color. In general, she says sandstone is a much glossier color than the other SS07 colors.

    A special thanks to all tpf-ers who posted their sandstone pics, w/o you I would have never considered this color and a really special thanks to shopdrop99 and the pic she posted from Kim!

    Pics with and without flash taken indoors at night. The color is a bit lighter and has more golden glints during the daytime in natural light.



  2. Congrats! That bag is gorgeous! I love Sandstone, and the GH looks great with it. And it looks good on you too!!
  3. i absolutely love it...congrats! if i had not gone for anthracite, i would have been down for sandstone in a heartbeat!
  4. great combo of GH and Sandstone! really nice :p
  5. Congrats:yahoo: another Sandstone lover.:wlae: Kim is the sweetest:tender: she picked you a nice one like mine. :drool: It looks amazing on you. Enjoy it.:yahoo:
  6. 0o0o0o0o yummy!!! congrats!!! :o) thanks for sharing pics!!!
  7. congrats on your purchase! its beautiful!
  8. I am totally in LOVE :heart: with that darn bag!!! Hooray for you! You got a real beauty!!! :nuts:
  9. Wow it's beautiful:drool: I'm a real big fan of the day.
    I agree Kim is very sweet, I only deal with her.
  10. :yahoo:Yeahhhh!!! You got your bag!! It's gorgeous!! Kim picked out a very nice one for you. You're so very welcome, lebagfairy. I'm so glad you love it!!
    Ok, I'm off to UPS now to pick up my box. Can't wait!!
    Thanks for posting your pics. It looks great on you.
  11. Amazing leather! Congrats!:yahoo:
  12. Another great buy on ur sandstone day's GORGEOUS....and it looks gd on u too...enjoy every bit of the bag....:smile:
  13. :p Wow, sure looks good, I got the same - I love mine
    too, goes with everthing....enjoy it.:p :heart:
  14. Beautiful :drool:

    Did Kim say the current batch of Sandstone GH was darker/lighter-plasticy than normal or that the sandstone in general was:confused1:

    I spoke w/her today & she is really sweet :yes: I felt like I was talking to myself, she sounded so young!
  15. Kim said that the current batch was darker than other batches. She said there was a previous batch that was lighter and looked plasticy.