Received the Cole Haan bag today..*pics!*

  1. LOL I'm regressing back to my childhood!...I saw this bag months ago and kept running across it..I use to have a red patent leather bag when I was little..I LOVED it! My mother threw it out one day because it was falling apart..I swear it damaged me..Anyway it was on sale so I bought it..couldn't resist..What do you think?!?
    cole haan 016 (2).jpg cole haan 015 (2).jpg cole haan 013 (2).jpg cole haan 012 (2).jpg cole haan 017 (5).jpg
  2. You look great with that bag! I love it--the style, the color, the handles, everything. and you apparently got a good deal--good job.:yes: That was a cute story about your mom throwing out the bag you my case it was a doll that mom threw away.

    Congrats on the beautiful bag.
  3. Good choice on your little red bag! It's cute..I like everything about it. And look at you! You're all put together with your hair, jewelry, new bag and your little glasses. You look great and many thanks for sharing your pics with us.
  4. Very pretty! Congrats!
  5. It looks very cute on you!
  6. I love it! I was eyeing that bag at Bloomingdales. I'm glad you got it. Enjoy!
  7. I got it though Bloomy's web site..AS a matter of fact..wasn't it you that posted the additioanl 30 % off sale!!!! You enabler you!!! :p Thanx for the tip..and the compliments! Cripe you're great at finding all this stuff..Can you find me the miu miu bag I want?!? Wanna go to Europe to get it w/ me? (Just kidding..!) You're the bomb Cheetos!!
  8. I love getting deals and helping others find deals. Did you post what miu miu bag you are looking for? If so, I'll search for your posting.
  9. Congrats on your new bag. I love it.

  10. I'm looking for the Miu Miu bow satchel..the smaller size (measurements are on in CERA....There are (2) sizes to this bag..I want the smaller..I have also seen it as the 'Boston Bag' on European websites...I do not want WHITE...Cera is ivory....I have been in touch personally w/ an SA from Saks and called the Miu Miu store in NY..To no avail...Sucks to be me..hoping it pops up somewhere unexpectedly....Cheetos..if anyone can find this bag..YOU CAN!!! :p
  11. That's a really cute bag! Nice blend of classic style with a modern touch.
  12. You finally got it? I know you were considering this as a red bag awhile back. Congrats. :yes:
  13. you look terribly chic! wear it in the best of health!
  14. Such a good-looking looks expensive! How much did you end up buying it for (if you don't mind!)?
  15. I love that bag! Very cute and looks nice on you. I personally think Cole Haan bags are underrated...the workmanship and quality of materials are great for the price, IMO.