Received some bad news today ...

  1. Sorry I have to get this off my chest for a bit ... Everyone at the company got an email from our CEO today telling us that they'll be doing MAJOR layoffs. The only department that will get away unscathed is the sales department. I'm a financial analyst at an industrial bank. I close deals, do analysis and generate reports, etc etc. My company sells commercial and residential loans, does retail banking, as well as securitization. Due to the fact that majority of the borrowers are sub-prime borrowers, the market is in very bad shape right now. A lot of our competitors had started huge layoffs before the holidays so in this respect, my company had been kind in not letting ppl go before the holidays.

    However, getting that email really really stressed me out and made me feel depressed ... I've been wanting to get a different job for a while now but I have not been having much luck. My qualification is NOT bad, but for some odd reasons I just am not getting anywhere ... Now with this looming over my head, I have to PUT OFF my vacation to Singapore in February because it just wouldn't be a good idea to ask my boss for vacation at such a time ... After all, I wouldn't want to come back without a job ... I was going to go this February to celebrate 4th year anniversary with my SO, since we weren't able to celebrate 2nd or 3rd year as he had been in Singapore the whole time ...


    Anyways, there's too much at stake right now for me to lose my job ... Should I lose my job, I'll have to move back home as I won't have an excuse to live in Orange County anymore (traditional Asian family dynamics, hard to explain) and there goes the remainder of my freedom ... That will also affect the relationship with my SO as well as my mental health :push:

    Argh, what a way to start 2007.
  2. Ooooh so sorry to hear all that! Hopefully they will pass over you and keep you. I'll say a little prayer for you:flowers:
  3. This too shall pass!!!

    HUGS*** sending good thoughts your way!
  4. sorry to hear that! don't think too much about it, you never know what might happen! who knows, something good might come your way?
  5. Oh no! Hopefully you´ll be the lucky one staying.
  6. oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this, kou!!! :crybaby: <<<hugs>>> maybe you won't be one affected (?). I'm keeping you in my thoughts.:heart:
  7. Sorry to hear about this! Hopefully, you'll still have your job... praying for you!
  8. Oh I am really sorry Kou! I want to wish you best! I bet good things will come your way! I hope you stay!
  9. So sorry to hear about this Kou. I hear your field is a very competitive one. Do hope things simmer down soon and you can take your vacay to Singapore.
  10. hi kou
    sorry to hear about that..dont worry, Im sure everything will work out in the end!

    I'm also fromthe financial line..its been hard getting a job in finance...maybe the market conditions are not that good right now.
    hopefully things will work out for u
    good luck!
  11. Kou, sorry to hear about this.. just keep doing your job to the best that you can, and hopefully, the lay-off will not affect you... just hang in there..
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about this - I'll be sending you good thoughts in the hopes they'll keep you on, and that you'll have that job until YOU choose to get a different one!
  13. *hugs* Kou, sorry you're going through this stress - sending positive thoughts your way! Take care.
  14. Soz about this, kou.

    Hoping that everything will work out in your favour!! :flowers:
  15. Sorry to hear about the bad news.

    I always feel that when a door closes another opens up.
    My employer was not as kind as yours, they announced that the magazine I was working for was folding. Everybody was fired and had to leave in 2 days time. This happen a week before Xmas. Talk about bad timing.
    Fortunately, I had interviews lined up right away and was offered a position shortly after. I was also looking to make a move for awhile but was not motivated enough because of the stability of my job ( I was there for 7 years). Maybe this is a sign for you to move on. Wishing you the best of luck.