Received payment - BUT I AM SUSPENDED!

  1. I was suspended last week and I was surprised to received a payment today from one of the buyers. I sold a burberry bag for 179.00. I just want to make sure that there will be no problem eventually. I'm just afraid as the buyer is newly registered with 2 positive feedbacks (100%). what do you think? any suggestion on how to make sure that the bag will arrive to her safe and of course I do not want to receive a dispute later on bec. the bag was not received or something else. PLEASE ADVICE!!!
  2. Use delivery confirmation, and insure the bag. And if she paid you with PayPal, then I would recommend that you ship it via PayPal so that you have a permanent electronic record that you shipped it.

    As for your account being suspended, have you made any progress whatsoever on figuring out why, and what to do about it?
  3. i think for extra precaution, i would do signature confirmation.
  4. ^I agree.

    But like CynthiaNYC said, have you found out why you're suspended?

  5. NOT YET!! STILL WAITING!!! I faxed them all the documents they needed last tuesday and I was told to wait for 72 hrs. Is that true? will they reply in 72 hrs? or you'll have to wait for weeks?
  6. It's sometimes faster to call instead of waiting. I had an issue once because I sold several items from the same designer and they kept asking me to see pictures of my "stock" - I am not a re-seller and don't have inventory - was just selling my personal stuff. I faxed all the documents, emailed several times, etc. Finally I decided just to call them and everything was fixed in 10 minutes. I will also say that it can be challenging to call them because it's a hassle to find the phone number, and then you have to do the automated thing with speaking your answers and if you're lucky you FINALLY get to talk to a human.... but if you can get to that point, I've had a pretty good response from them. Good luck!
  7. ugh, it's so annoying how paypal punishes honest sellers and let's the criminals run wild..

    good luck with everything!
  8. Thanks for that advice. Can you give me the number? I tried to find it but couldnt find it.. PLEASE? I will really appreciate if you can give me the number. Thanks!!!