Received new B-Bag today (pictures)

  1. I am not sure how i feel about it yet; I guess I am going to have to get used to it since Sherise has a no return policy. I thought the color would be a touch brighter. The leather is very nice; not as nice as my other b-bags but that is just because the bag needs to be "broken in". What do you all think?
    blueberry1.JPG blueberry2.JPG blueberry3.JPG blueberry4.JPG blueberry5.JPG
  2. Oh I think it's gorgeous - love the color!
  3. I think its pretty. Is it the blueberry or the blue india?
  4. Is that blueberry? I was just about to post pics of mine! I am in love with this color and I can't imagine it being anymore vivid. By "brighter" do you mean lighter?

    I feel silly but what style is that?
  5. Congrats! The leather is TDF! It always took me some time to warm up to any B-bag I received after I got it. I am sure you'll warm up to it quickly and get a lot of use out of it. It's definitely one of the better, if not best, leathers I've seen on a Blueberry--if my Work had that leather I would have kept it!
  6. Pretty!
  7. WOW tha color is gorgeous, I WOULD LOVE to have it! congrats
  8. I think it is beautiful... I am calling BalNY tomorrow to get a Blueberry Day (or a Sapin...but now after seeing your pictures, almost definitely a Blueberry)!
  9. Yes, this is the Blueberry Classique (First). Maybe it is because the bag is smaller than my others. I am sure it will look better as time goes on.
  10. If the color looked like my third pic (taken outside) all the time, then I would be a happy camper!
  11. That is what I am now thinking; that the color would look exceptional on a larger bag. Sherise did not have the Twiggy in Blueberry, but they did have a Day left. You should get it so that I can look at your pics and drool! :graucho:
  12. becca, cute bag. i am sue color will lighten up a bit after use based on my experience with other colors. congrats!:supacool:
  13. Another gorgeous Blueberry!! The First is soooo great looking in these fun colors! It's a great 'dinner to evening out' size (that's how I use my one & only First). Give it a spin and see how you feel then. If you still aren't sure then it's probably not a keeper for you. But congrats on nabbing a beauty!!
  14. Yay!! Another blueberry!! I love my blueberry, give it a few days maybe you'll come to love it.
  15. absolutely am loving the blueberry! if i didn't have an ink that is the F/W 06 color i would be getting, congrats!
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