Received my Stam Hobo from NM today

  1. Received it at 8:00 am today, sent it back at 11:00 am. I thought it was too big and bulky, plus it had NO tags at all, nor did it come with an mj dust bag!! Wasn't crazy about the cashew color either, guess I'll just keep waiting for a sap green Blake or Stella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. :confused1: No tags? No DUSTBAG??? Come on... after reading some horror stories in the main bag area about people ordering from NM and receiving the wrong bag - I don't think I will ever consider ordering from them online!!

    That's probably best to send something back if you don't love it... but come on!! I would expect at least a dustbag when ordering a bag of that caliber... geez.:shrugs:
  3. How much did you pay for your Stam?
  4. I recently saw a Sap Green Blake ($950USD) at MJ boutique in LA. If you are interested, their number is 323-653-5100. My SA there is Stella, I highly recommend her. =)
  5. Thanks for letting me know about the Blake!!
    I paid $600 for the Stam hobo, it is definitely worth that much, just not my style. It will probably be popping back up on the nm website.
  6. Did you really mail the bag back to NM website? I totally would have bought the bag off of you since I am having a hard time finding this other bag for my mother. Is there anyway to contact them before it is put back on the website? Do let me know what you think or if there is any help you could offer (perhaps, messaging the return service and then forwarding them my contact information?) That is, if you wouldn't mind!
  7. That's too bad! Sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you. I rec'd my bag from BG and it was in pristine condition with dustbag... maybe I'm just lucky! Cashew is a lovely color. Hopefully another member will luck on it!
  8. Sorry, bag was sent UPS yesterday. Should arrive at nm return center Friday, so maybe will be on the website over the weekend. Check the website everyday, I saw the stam hobo (brownish color) on bg yesterday!
  9. yeah...cashew is a love or hate color, imho.
  10. IamMe,
    The item number for the stam hobo is NMOF7_V7871, customer service number is 1-888-888-4757. You will have a much easier time calling when you have the item number. Good luck!
  11. ^ Sorry about your order. I just posted about a Ferragamo bag I got this morning from that was missing the detachable shoulder strap.
  12. Are you serious! How annoying! I can never catch any of these bags!! :sad: But thanks for the info though. I tried calling them and they don't have any in as yet so I guess I'll try each day until I've given up all hope. If anyone sees either the Stam Hobo or the Swagger (apart from the 1050 one on eluxury, ouch) pop up anywhere, do let me know!
  13. Just called nm to complain that my bag had no tags or dust bag, and she had the nerve to tell me nm never ships bags with tags attached!!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke - she also had no explanation for the missing dustbag. :cursing:
  14. ^ For big online stores like NM/BG/Eluxury, Customer Service and Warehouse (where the items get packed/shipped) are seperate departments. CS Reps can only go by what their systems say, they cannot confirm the exact details of any item. They cannot guarantee issues such as the bag's condition or the shipping of the item. The order is really confirmed when the item is really available in the warehouse and a tracking number is sent out.

    Bags originally come with dustbag, stuffings, and tags. There are times when buyers return a bag without its original dustbag and/or tags. Actual stores sometimes would retag the item.
  15. With Neiman Marcus, the online operation is separate from the NM company. Obviously, they cooperate, but that could be why the stories about NM and NM online shopping vary so much. I'd prefer to buy a bag IRL at the store, but most of us don't live that close to one and we occasionally order online. It seems like it's a crapshoot.