Received my RM Nikki in Night but......

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  1. It smells! I just posted my concerns in the BE lounge because I am a solider of the BE bag but loved the RM Nikki and the way it looks. I saw a 30% discount from Label360 that desiprinzess has listed so I bought it. I just received this morning, I opened it up and I was like....huh?

    It kind of smells like a old man. Not to mention that I am not sure if this is the Night with all the confusion on the new colors. Not as soft or smooshy as i would have thought.

    Also, I am new to RM so I am not sure if this is supposed to come with a authenticity card or whatever. I have 14 days to decide on this so I need the experts to tell me their advice.

    When I opened from Label360, it had their trademark skull paper--the Nikki was wrapped in a plasic and then there was the bag.

    I have posted photos below--is there anyway I can tell it is what I ordered and the smell...ehh!:crybaby:Not what i expected
  2. Ok, i cannot post the photos and I do not know why. Sorry, no I am getting really angry!
  3. sorry to hear that....I just received mines yesterday from was nicely wraped in tissue paper and it has that nice leather smell.
  4. Oh No! I am so sorry to hear that. It should have come with the cards, tag, and dustbag. If you do decide to keep it perhaps try to put a few dryer sheets in it for a couple days in a sealed rubbermaid container. I have had this problem w/ smokey bags and this method always seemed to work for me.
  5. OMG...mines didnt come with any cards...Im panicking now.
  6. They should have come with a Rebecca Minkoff tag attached by a cute ball chain, a card w/ a photo and phone number of "Vince" their cute guy, and also a card about the leather of your bag. Maybe you can call and ask them to send it to you?
  7. Seriously? I have a card that is brown and says that it is a Rebecca Minkoff and how to take care of it. then there is a card with a man named Vincent to call him.

    Has anyone ever ordered from Label360? do they send the bags in plastic paper. i am trying desperatley to post photos but cannot!
  8. Hi Savy, I don't know how to post pics either but their are a few threads about it. Use the search feature and there is a good one started by Vlad.
  9. No cute ball chain! I wondered if someone returned this bag for the same reason I have. I have the other cards--I am feeling duped! (spelling!)
  10. My bags have come in a plastic bag w/ a Rebbecca Minkoff sticker on it (no matter where I order them from) and the dustbag was inside.
  11. you can post pictures through 'post reply' (not quick reply) under additional options (attach files).
  12. I will see if I can find that thread for you and post a link.
    I got a return bag once and all the tassells were knotted up and shoved in the pocket and it had marks on it. I got that bag from Bloomies though.
  13. Okay...I went back and looked inside the zipper and the cards were there.
  14. That's great:tup::tup:
    I don't know why they hide them in that sneaky pocket. I wish they would put them all together in a nice envelope.