Received my prada from neiman marcus n it was used :(

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  1. Last time i got a chanel from neiman before the price increase n it came in look liked used . N they refused to get me anorher bag with the old price n saying dat i can either pay the diffetrnce or return the bag. God!!! This time Another bad experience from Neiman Marcus , now I donno if I ever wanna order a bag from any department store again . My bn1784 peonia came in missing the detachable long strap n it came in with a rusty zipper n bottom medal feets. Even the corner looks a lil bit dirty :sad:

    Does prada bag zipper get rusty in general over time ? It my first prada I'm really scare now .
    My Chanel buckle never get rusty .
  2. I'd return and refuse to shop from Neiman Marcus again :tdown: What horrible experiences you have had.
  3. Yeh I won't shop with them anymore . Wat worst is that I can't seems to find the color I like in any other store . N nm said they don't have the same peonia color now, but she will keep on look for me. I got the bag during the giftcard event that Neiman had just passed few days ago. Thry only hav caramel n sandy available now :sad:
  4. How bad. I'm sorry for you. I would definitely return it. It's too bad about the color, but it's not worth the price you pay. Normally the hardware doesn't get rusty (or at least I hope!). Perhaps you wait some time for new colors to arrive or you go for another one?
  5. Yeh I'm still debating now. Since the gc was what made me buy in the first place . If i return it im gonna lose the gc too. I don't see any nice colors coming in for the fall season .
  6. I'm really sorry to hear about your bag! Not only because it sucks to get excited for its arrival only to receive it in bad condition, but because I'm going through a similar issue with Neiman Marcus.
    I, too, purchased a bag last week during their double GC offer and when I opened the box, it was damaged. I originally ordered a Cervo tote and it came with scratches on the back and what look like pencil markings by the bottom corners. I have already sent mine back to exchange for a black (what I believe to be) BN1844.
    I was hoping my issue was a one off, but after reading about your multiple disappointments, I fear for the bag I now have coming. I didn't want to lose my GC, either, otherwise I would have ordered from somewhere else.

    Did you order online or direct from a store?
  7. I got it in a store the lady price matched the gc event for me . N now they don't have the color I want . I really donna way to now. I also got a Burberry jacket with this. Unfortunately shr shipped to me The wrong item as well. Donna if the exchange is gonna give ne trouble with the gc later.
  8. sleepyl0verxgrl, did you ever try to exchange your bag and jacket? I returned my cervo bag last week and got a call from Neiman Marcus this morning explaining to me that because I did not exchange for the EXACT item I originally ordered (even though the cost was the same), I had to forfeit my $600 gift card.

    Needless to say, I was not happy and I will not be shopping with them again.
  9. I didn't exchange my jacket yet, cuz I'm worried about the gc too. But I'm furious with my bag, they had send me a used one at the first place n now they can't get me a same one , n keep on trying to convince me to get sth else , n even give me colors from cruise where She said the shipping date is from 10/15--12/31 . This is just ridiculous . I'm gonna call them tomr ! 
  10. That is awful service. That's why I love Nordstrom.
  11. Yeh that is going to be the last time I ordered a bag from neimans ! :sad:
  12. Ok nm send me a used bag n now said there is nothing they can do about it ! The SA even tell me to order the bag from prada ! Ladies I need help!!!!!!
  13. You started another thread about this problem from NM. Perhaps you should contact the store manager about this problem. If more time lapses with your purchase, then it will become a bigger issue.
  14. I called today n asked for a manager n someone picked up the phone n said she is the handbag manager n she still transfer me to the SA
  15. NM service is horrible. Which city are you in? Could you get a manager from another NM? Personally, I will contact NM headquarter in Dallas.