Received my "nude" patent yoyo's but..........

  1. After searching high and low for a pair of nude patent yoyo's in 110 (called around England, Paris shops and Germany), which only had the 85 heel:confused1:. I ended up biting in the sour aplle and went the evilbay route paying way over retail but I really wanted them for new years eve.

    The shoe was shipped promptly and I you can imagine my excitment when I opened the box...beautiful:love:, but tiny...I put them on and my left foot is fine but the right looks really squished not pretty at all:sad:.
    All together the look is a bid funny because it makes my feet look so small I am not really petite, 5.7 and I would say average/size 6 weight wise so it looks kind of out of proportion.
    I don't have that impression with my black VP's.

    I am rather dissapointed really wanted to wear them tonight but considering the price I payed I wonder if I should even keep them.

    I will try to take post a pic later today.
  2. I have never read an account like that. I mean there are a few ladies who say they are tight, but no one has said it made their foot look small and out of proportion. Maybe it's the color--blends in with your skin? Please post pics, it might not be as bad as you feel it is. Sometimes we are our own worst critics.
  3. If it helps, I think it's better that your feet look small and not huge. I'm sure your feet look great in the shoes though. I agree with LavenderIce, we are our own worst critics.
  4. Thanks lady's for your encouraging words I will try to take and post pics tomorrow...(when hubby is back to work)
  5. I finally managed to take a pic it doesn't look that bad in the pics, but still rather like "sharpeifeet" or Cinderella's bad sister's :p

    Tell me what you think there is also a comparisonpic with my black VP's
    What the whole proportionissue is concerned I think I just need to loose a few more pounds...:shame:


    P1010027.jpg P1010018.jpg
  6. I see what you mean in the comparison pic - you are looking at the little wrinkiles above your toes that you don't have in the prive. I honestly don't think you need to worry - as you wear them the patent will stretch and mold to your foot and after a couple of wearings you won't have that problem anymore. Also, you'd have to look really closely to see it. I had to enlarge your picture to see what you were talking about. I'll bet no-one on the street will notice unless the got really close and looked very hard (which would be very odd, LOL)
  7. I think they look fine. Mine look similar to that too. I think it's the cut of the shoe that make it appear like that.
  8. cat - congrats on your new addition but I'm sorry that you don't like the way they look on you. It does seem that they are a bit small on you, but not necessarily because of the sharpei wrinkles but IMO it is because there isn't much room in the peep toe area and your second toe looks very uncomfortable, you could have probably used 1/2 a size larger. Can you contact the seller to see if they will offer you an exchange if they have a larger size? Or just sell this pair and get a new pair in your correct size.
  9. I agree. How do they feel cat? Do you think you can break them in around the house or are they unbearble?

    BTW, both shoes look fab on you! Great pairs to have in a collection.
  10. I actually think the nude patent looks VERY nice on you, though I agree with the other ladies that 1/2 larger may be more comfortable. I don't see that they make your feet tiny, btw.
  11. Thanks lady's for your helpful comments,

    Kamilla850 I think you're right half a size up would have been better. Ordering them I assumed that I would size the same as in the VP's.
    But I can't return them, she doesn't have the 39,5 and sending back and forth internationally is crazy you can end up paying customs twice which adds 60% of the declared value:cursing:.
    They already cost me nearly twice their retail:sweatdrop:.

    LavenderIce No they are not unbearable at all it's cold right now so they slip on easily but I wonder if they will ever look nice.

    lv_forever Thanks dear...What I ment is that my feet in proportion to my silhouette look really small but I checked the CL celebrity section and it's the same thing for most only Angelina Jolie (so skinny) in her simples looks diffrent.
  12. judging from the photos, they look a little snug on your feet. But you are standing so that could just be the way it looks. my shoes from looking may look a little uncomfortable, but arent. I would definitely wear them on the regular to stretch them out a bit.